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  1. The Colts are in Texas today to challenge the mighty Texans. Currently the two teams are tied for 1st place in the division. Fitzpatrick will be starting at QB for the Texans. This could be good for the Colts as he generally takes chances with the football, which sometimes leads to costly mistakes. Foster is one of the best rushers in the league so look for the Texans to run it at the Colts most of the game. I am hoping for another big day for the Colts defense. Go Colts, Good LUCK Chuck!
  2. The Colts are 8-4 with a chance of sealing the division next week. The Bengals are also playing hard-nosed football. It will be a tough game to win on the road, but I feel it is a must win for the team. We still have a good shot at a 1st round bye and we could really use it to rest up. The road goes through New England as of now but I could see the Patriots losing another game or two. The 3rd seed sounds great too as I do not wish to face the Broncos right away come playoff time. Keep those fingers crossed fans and maybe we can take it to the house come January!
  3. The Cardinals were picked in a sweep to beat the Colts this week! The Indianapolis Colts second half point stats 133-7... need I say more? Respect the blue! *Update* Inserts foot in mouth....
  4. Well, the Colts would have a first round bye if the season ended today. I couldn't be more proud of the guys. We have developed a bad habit of letting teams take swift jabs at us in the first few quarters. So, for now, I am glad to see that we have Rocky as our QB. Remember fans, it's not always about winning the game, it's about going the distance. These times are the good times~! I am just happy and excited to be able to watch the talent that Indy has and is developing. By the way, I have a ratty old Colts tee that my wife wares; we have won every game that she has worn it and lost the
  5. So it seems like we win games that we are picked to lose, stop picking the Colts to win!!!
  6. I agree, veterans should not drop passes. Also Fleener, needs to be kicked in the spleener!!! Love my Colts, let's get it together!!!
  7. I don't know, look at it this way.. Peyton basically sucked away the salary cap, making it very hard to pay key players to stay. I will always love number 18, but we needed money for defense and for special teams. A well rounded team has a better chance of winning Superbowls. The Patriots prove that year after year. Irsay is a competitor, as much as Kraft, Jones, or heck anyone else. I truly believe that Irsay's comments about needing a better team to win more rings and such, has been blown out of context. I was greatly saddened the day Manning and the Colts went different ways. # 18, fore
  8. Week 2 for the Indianapolis Colts is officially over. Statistically the guys had a pretty good game. There were 3 or 4 miscues between Hilton and Luck but these are the type of things you will see between newer receivers and newer QB's. They, including all players, will all develop and grow together as a team in time. I believe that the Colts will achieve excellence. 1-1 for now but tomorrow brings another opportunity to win. It's all about the fans in the NFL, if we stick with our team we will always win in our hearts.
  9. Wow, did anyone else watch the game last night against the Broncos and the Ravens? The game was delayed for half an hour because of a lightning storm. There was a presence in Denver. PEYTON MANNING. Gone but never forgotten baby! He tied the NFL record with 7 TD passes. The game looked pretty close at half time; it looked like both teams had showed up to play. The second half looked more like a preseason game. I felt like The Broncos had their starters in and the Ravens were playing their second string. Great game though to kickoff the new season! Let's go COLTS now!
  10. Football season is a year round tradition for me.. I am always looking forward to NFL news, and player updates! But the season is upon us, and I am excited more than ever for football to kick off! I feel like the Colts are hungry again. Luck will be looking to prove himself once more and our young talent(s) should put on a great show. I miss the guarantees we had in Peyton Manning of being pretty much playoff bound. But more then that I miss the way we had to earn every win. Luck and our very young team last year showed that it's all about heart in the NFL. Here is to another year of H
  11. From the album: Colts FB Cover(s)

    A New Facebook Cover!!
  12. Pretty excited, I have a second opinion clause that I can choose. My doc is recommending me to the Monti Group. They are a group of docs that try specifically to get people on Medicaid, and/or disability. Fingers crossed. Not the end of the game for me, just 3rd and long~!~
  13. Tic Tac Toe, 3 in a row, Colts gonna win it, Yell Go Colts, Go!

  14. The great escape, that is what I like to refer to the NFL as.. I am a die hard Colts fan through and through, I practically bleed blue.. I also have a debilitating illness. 75 percent of my day is spent in pain or some form of agony.. I recently filed for disability and was told that I act entirely to pleasant to be in the sort of pain I describe.. So much so in fact I was denied disability at my first hearing.. I have always turned my heart to God and football. These things keep me sane.. They make me happy! My faith has made me smile in spite of hardship and adversary. I will conti
  15. Yeah Werner!!! Great choice!!!

  16. As long as our team shows up for the fans~!~~ Good luck Team
  17. Draft day is here!!!!! Yell, Scream, Go Colts!!!

  18. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000163276/article/ranking-the-five-nfl-teams-that-are-best-at-drafting Upon reading this article, I can't believe the Colts weren't on this list! I know times have changed, but it seemed like year after year the Colts would draft some type of bad *** ! With last year being Andrew Luck? Come on people.. Am I being a little biased here??
  19. Another dark day for this Colts fan.. Freeney, you will be missed.

  20. Well folks, it's been officially over for the Colts for a week now and they have moved into off-season mode. I wish the Colts organization the best of luck this coming year and next football season. I want to add something else.. The Colts were Champions this year to Indianapolis and it's fans. And above all others, for Chuck. The team were champions in Chucks eyes! Re-building. CHUCK YOU ARE OUR CHAMPION!!
  21. 11-5 What a great year!!! Go Colts!

    1. southwest1


      Very impressive isn't it?! The Colts have certainly exceeded my expectations. :D

  22. Well guys the Colts locked up the number 5 seed!! I am so proud, the players have put up a huge effort and are well deserving of all good things that come their way. Good luck in the post season, and lets kick some Texan butt next week!! Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! 10-5 :^D
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