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  1. IRON SHARPENS IRON!!! Great Signing!!!
  2. Sorry, I just saw similar post already made.
  3. Wants to sign with the Texans. I hope I'm wrong, Would be an Excellent stop gap IMO.
  4. The Colts greatest need is on Defense/ Safety. So Im confused. Bernard Pollard, A former Raven under Pagano knows the system, And is proven to decapitate Patriots players.. Is just sitting there? Not to imply he is the complete answer but what could it hurt to have him even for a one or two deal? I would LOVE to have a Patriots KIller on our team!!!
  5. Kerr is another player that will turn out to be an absolute steal. How these two went undrafted is beyond me, but major kudos to the scouts and Grigs for seeing what others didn't AND giving them the chance in camp to prove it.
  6. It took him a couple of games to clean up the rookie mistakes and the rookie jitters....Because HE'S STILL A ROOKIE!! But we got our first game without the bad snap or missed snap count, Jon Harrison still did his job which is to be a MONSTER in the middle of our OL, And that wasn't some cheap DL he held up against. That Bengals front is as good as any! I'm proud of our UDFA Center, I think he's a keeper.
  7. With this team its ALWAYS "something" different to write about.
  8. I have no problem with flying under the radar, I love being underestimated. But getting the deserved Respect for winning IS important especially when we have major media that are convinced that instead of being winners, we are are always a team that almost loses... Case in point the KC playoff game last year how many times is it suggested KC should've won instead of Indy getting credit for a GREAT comeback...I was there, and I was hoarse the day after. But the story is not the comeback it's KC should have won...Like I said it's more a lack of respect. Indy "should've" beat Philly if not for
  9. Normally the team that wins the game, gets the lion share of the highlights, hence they made the most/more important and impressive plays to win. But when you go to watch ESPN's highlights it's almost all about J.J. Watt, and how the Colts almost lost??...How about what the Colts DID to Win? You would never know we won until it's half heartedly mentioned it at the end of the segment. Its a common theme with them- when it comes to Indy teams. Slant coverage.
  10. Rodgers..Perhaps one of starters next year, For a 5th/(future camp fodder) There are a LOT of fake/Browns Colts fans in this forum who think thats fair...Dont believe the hype, Without Gordon they are PRAYING for a Da'rick for at least a 2nd rd pick!!!
  11. Great UDFA pick ups....AND YES Im just as excited about some of theses guys as the guys we Drafted....When you are picked means NOTHING what you show you can do means EVERYTHING. Congrats to all the UDFAS welcome to the Blue!
  12. SS Dewey McDonald, Cal (PA) CB Darius Polk, Kent State! CB Keon Lyn, Syracuse! OG Josh Walker Middle Tennessee State NT ZACH KERR! Makes up for a LOT so far! Hopefully more coming!
  13. I think it absolutely has a more than probable chance to happen, First of all the threat of overspending is already handcuffing the Browns on when and how they are able to spend and retain players. I think Demoff is at this moment putting a deal together for Grigs and other GMs that while the Browns can match it financially, Its structure and or language will attempt to cripple them in a combination of other ways. So by NO means is the Alex Mack possibility over for us or other teams.. not even close!
  14. Dont rule out any possible Bradshaw connection as any additional motivators. I think he's a #1 talent worth signing today But I definitely would like to see a "show me" contract just to be safe..
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