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  1. I wonder what Hassleback did to earn his 800 dollar bonus?
  2. Yes we are talking playoffs Since 2000 the colts are 8-3 at home and are 2-7 on the road So you must be right that home field has no advantages
  3. When NE can win 31 games in a row and home. That tells me they have a advantage at home. A team with a bunch of vets like they have vs the young colts the snow can be a big difference.
  4. I thought both Bethea and Laundry played bad game.
  5. I think Davis and Toler will have better games against the Pats. They are both play hard press coverage, that will help against NE short passing game.
  6. SatJan 11 46° 38° Showers CHANCE OF RAIN: 50% WIND: S at 10 mph The weather in NE this weekend isn't that bad. I think that is a big break for us!!!
  7. Just wanted to hear some thought on his up coming contract?
  8. Got to keep Brown this year He is all we have left for a back up role
  9. I agree that he will get it tonight, but how cool would it be if he did it next week at home with peyton in the building Just a thought
  10. We got nothing but pocket passers for the rest of the season.
  11. We will make the playoffs every year for the next 15 years. I think we will be ok!!
  12. I know its early but I was looking at things today and I think there are only 8 teams that a playoff contenders on the AFC Colts Texans Bengals Ravens Pats Dolphins Broncos Chiefs 2 from each division I know the Jets and Titians are 2-1 but I just don't see them are true threats Who would you add or take off the list?
  13. I have always been a fan of Delone Carter but I don't see us keeping 5 RB's and a FB. Anybody Else?
  14. For some reason I have always done Offence players are Blue and The D is white
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