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  1. I like him along with Wayne on the outside and Collie in the slot. Fleener/Green at TE and we are fine I think
  2. Justin Blackmon? Must have forgot about him. He won't make it past 6 IMO
  3. Great posts I like this thread lol but I missed the press conference. I think he will do fine but there's some tough choices to be made. If he let's Peyton go and Peyton is back to old then that will haunt the guy. If he keeps Peyton and manning isn't the same, he will get blame from alot of people. I really believe he will do a good job
  4. Wayne didn't even have 1,000 yards. IMO he isn't the impact player like he thinks he is and should not be paid like a top wr when clearly he is not
  5. He is a jerk and has an attitude but I don't think that will hurt the team really. We need some attitude and fire. Garcon seems to be the cockiest guy we have. I do guess there's a difference between cocky and a jerk but at the right price (basically whatever Wayne makes) I think he would be a nice player
  6. Just how far down do you think we should go though? I'd love to trade down and get Blackman but he may go at #2. I'd be pleased with Foles in the 2nd or 3rd. Seems he's projected around there.
  7. Jackson would give us that deep threat and return specialist. We have really never had a return man. Whoever the QB is would love the field position instead of starting at the 20 or inside of it And excuse me but Collie has 3 seasons, 16-9-16 games played. Sounds to me like last year was his worst with multiple concussions. 7 games missed out of 48 is not staying healthy?
  8. Maybe he can convince DeShaun Jackson to take a nice deal and we can replace Wayne with him. Let Garcon walk and roll with Jackson and Collie
  9. Yes but who would we take at 5? I'd guess luck, kalil, Blackman and rg3 would be gone. I'd like Trent Richardson and I guess that's who we would get. But what if Peyton isn't healthy when the season comes along but they think he will be. Another bad season
  10. Why does everyone still keep saying it's a downgrade from Bill Polian? Did he not basically retire and try to force Chris Polian into the spot? I view it as firing Chris Polian, who probably wouldn't have even been chosen if Mr.Irsay interviewed anyone else. Upgrade!!
  11. Painter played his first few games nicely then exploded
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