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  1. I want to, lands on a monday though :/ i don't know my fall quarter schedule until late summer
  2. thanks alot guys, this makes it much easier
  3. Hi guys, i'm wondering if you guys could link me to anything related to the colts salary cap/player's salaries/etc. I'm doing an english report on it and i'd appreciate it if you guys could link me to legit sources on the recent free agency moves (including the salary)
  4. Sorry, hard to detect sarcasm over the internet :/ Plus you do have some of those crazy nuts on this board.
  5. I have a feeling its because he wasnt fully recovered from his injury. I recall seeing somewhere that he failed the physical for some other team?
  6. I agree with everything you said. Our run D was great today. Harris and Sims were great pickups. Our secondary still seems to have a problem though, especially with Lacey. I did like seeing Philip Wheeler stepping it up today.
  7. Definitely not. I think its more of our D doing better than the Packer's D
  8. I hope Painter plays into the 3rd so we can see some more. But I think Orlavsky will be going in
  9. True, but its definitely giving him some confidence. Hopefully this means he'll be a much better backup behind Manning. 2 TDs in about 5 min, wow.
  10. Looks like the hiring of Collins has made him step it up. Some bad, low passes but he's doing much better than previous weeks.
  11. Can't tell TOO much from one game, but yes they do look good. I think we need a replacement for Lacey though
  12. Yup, on another note. Tommie Harris, Nevis, and Freeney look good. Lacey isnt doing too well. Powers looking great. EDIT: Painter doesnt look comfortable throwing to Garcon? Alot of low throws
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