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  1. The board is acting funny with my replies. No inciting is trolling.....the few posters inciting seem to be here on a regular basis.
  2. That is er sole purpose on this board. Acting in this manner without the fear of harm proves you are a coward. I bet you would not act this way............ lets say at a football game in Philly.
  3. What the heck is going on? I reply to one post and it goes to another. Oh well. Go Colts. I love this kid.
  4. There gonna cry regardless of your statement.
  5. I hear ya. Frustrating!!
  6. I figured it out. Throw the ball across the middle where the MLB was cause he just ran downfield 20 yards. That play is always there but if not you can always throw the quick slant since the Corner is 10 yards deep.
  7. I have not heard of a few of these guys.
  8. Frog.........please edit that post. Hard to read. DE Dwight Freeney 93 DE Corey Redding 90 etc Thanks BTW great work on the cap.
  9. My mistake........Edge did leave before Marvin. Stop nit picking my post. The thred is already heading in the wrong direction. I was looking for input. Oh well hopefully everyone gets my point that I am excited about the Colts future.
  10. Luck is NFL ready!! I bet he is better then some starters in the NFL already.
  11. I do not doubt we will pass but I also do not think we can be as explosive as a Peyton led offense with the likes of Marvin, Reggie, Stoke, Dilger and Pollard..............oh and Edge. Well see though, in a few years Luck may have as many weapons and the skill.
  12. What would stop 30 other teams from picking him up if released. Just because he was released does not mean the Colts could get him.
  13. Not a waste if you want him. Once he was released anyone could of picked him up. The Colts obviously want/need him.
  14. I was always worried when the triplets (Manning, James, Harrison) were in Indy that one day we would have to replace them. How are we gonna replace these guys when the time comes? Harrison was the first to leave and Reggie stepped right in was a suitable replacement for Harrison. Then Edge was gone and Addai was drafted. He was no Edge but he played pretty darn good as a Rookie. I was like OK were alright with Addai. Recently Peyton was released and I am like whtat the heck we gonna do now? I have been researching some kid named Andre Luck and he is gonna be a Colt and he is going to be star. I worry no more. We Colt fans are truly lucky that were getting this kid. The drafting of Luck and the termination of Polian and the rest has giving me hope. I could not stand our D and the cover 2 crap any longer. I could not stand the boredom every year of watching us in the regular season put up 12 wins and wait for the first playoff game to be sent home. I wanted to just skip the regular season and get to the post season as I knew we would be a playoff team. I will miss the explosive offense. I will miss the confidence I had that when Peyton had the ball and 2 minutes to go and we needed a score I knew he would deliver. I will miss all the players who were released because they were our players and they allowed me to watch my Colts win a Super Bowl (The only SB since I been alive). I will miss alot but I worry no longer. The Colts will be back and when teams face them it will be a face full of Colts as Pagano said.
  15. I dont know what er trying to do but I believe the throw was into the wind from what I read.
  16. 3:45 and still not throwing this is ridiculous. Is this live?
  17. Well here it is 3:25 and he still is not throwing.
  18. Luck will be throwing outdoors in chilly weather with quite a bit of wind.
  19. I get where deedub is comin from. That does sound a bit racist. Its hard to show sarcasm on a message board though. We all want the same thing though............a great QB. Go Colts.
  20. I bet you do not weigh 300 pounds either. I dont see anyway he is ready come Sept. Maybe thats why were signing all these extra OL
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