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  1. Really? , ok. I have never had that type of reaction in my life to someone patting me on the chest. If Luck was that jumpy then we would see a lot more crazy plays out of him on the field.Its pretty obvious that his shoulder was injured. He would absolutely be playing if it was only minor.
  2. Yes, I do realize that. I never referenced that game specifically bud. Let me put it this way, I believe Andrew Luck is more like Brett Favre than Jay Cutler when it comes to injuries. My point was not to bash Jay Cutler...but to say I think Luck would downplay or even refuse to acknowledge an injury in-game.
  3. I think it looks like his right shoulder...the knee jerk reaction doesnt look good. The fact he went in and played hero ball on it worries me. He seems exactly like the type of guy that would downplay an injury. If that was Cutler, no way he goes back in.
  4. 3. Luck holds on to the ball too long and our coaching staff hasnt corrected this.
  5. Not sure if this has already been posted...but crap.
  6. I completely agree that the Grigson bashing is getting ridiculous. However, i think youre being pretty generous to say that Landry was his only bad move. The Fleener pick was horrible with so many good o lineman on the board. DHB pickup was a waste of targets, already saw his skills on display in Oakland. T-Rich trade had so many red flags. I was never excited about a no.3 draft pick that a team gives up on after one year. I could go on but the fact is that we're not where we should be in year 4. Luck has taken a beating the last few years and we missed out on some prime cap flexibility. I thi
  7. My opinion at the time and to this day is that Grigsons worst pick was his 2nd (Fleener). We had the opportunity to nab Cordy Glenn, but we passed on him and other talented lineman to get Lucks Stanford bud. Fleener would have probably went in the 3rd had we not taken him, and even that would be too high. I personally loved the Allen pick but he has not panned out like i thought he would. Injuries are hard to predict.
  8. Indy traffic, gotta love it. Definitely something to hang our hats on.
  9. Not happening. He ain't moving outta Ann Arbor that quickly. He has too much pride to do that. I really don't think this is even worth talking about...
  10. Get rid of both of them, please. I've never been sold on Pagano and Grigs has made too many blunders. Hiring Pep Hamilton. Wasting early picks on Fleener, Werner, T-Rich when those could have been used for o-line. His off season pickups this last summer sucked, couldn't believe people were excited about over the hill guys like Gore and AJ. I was happy we cut bait with Wayne and then we go pick up those two old farts? I just think whatever vision he had for this team will not get us where we need to go. Andrew really needs a strong, veteran football mind to help mold him into what he's capable
  11. Our run D is legit due to how we've schemed against them. They are taking advantage of it though and Fitz is moving the ball through the air.
  12. What? Why? So Andre can have a buddy to share some werthers originals and watch The Price is Right?
  13. Angus Bubba burger and Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest.
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