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  1. dynasty football trade help i have devante parker and a 3rd round pick for ryan matthews and 23 round pick
  2. OROY- Amari Cooper DROY- Vick Beasley
  3. henry anderson is a potential starter , parry works into nt rotation
  4. here a surprise patriots go 0-4 finish 9-7 lose to jax
  5. he aalways has nice things to say about chewbacca
  6. the firefox and chrome updates are terrible

    1. Synthetic


      It's better than getting your computer infected with viruses.

    2. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      true that ever since i have updated pages struggle to load though

  7. andrew luck win superbowl mvp against the pats and league MVP breaking the regular season mvp curse colts beat pats , garropolo takes over from brady full time , brady get trade to browns for a first round piick colts go 15-1 Henry Anderson wins droy with 72 tackles 10 tfl 8 sacks , 3 forced fumbles Mcafee, hilton,davis, luck ,Allen,Fleener,Vinateri,johnson are first team all pros and pro bowlers luck breaks the td record with 59 with 11 ints , throws 5 against the pats 6 against seelers in a shootout loss , 8 against the saints the falcons gore rush 1200 yards at 4.9 per carry Hilton g
  8. i can give u Revis and Sherman ,PP was getting burned for td after last year , talib had trouble covering our recievers in playoff game too many pi , Revis , Davis, Sherman,harris. haden was terrible for half of the season
  9. 12 to 16 game suspension or bust for tom brady

  10. werner and thornthon can improve, hugh is a poor man iupati atm , i like holmes think he can be a solid center for us , hughes is just depth , the whole 2013 draft was terrible
  11. this just in the NFL is a joke and the league is now the NEPFL.

    1. crazycolt1


      There are other ways to spent your time if all football is to you is a joke.

  12. called it Anderson to the colts

  13. yes that james semple , and i see anderson going 2nd to 3rd i was leaning to put him in 2nd but thought that was high . i really like Zenner i hope teams stick at rb and not fb . and thats jordan phillips from the Sooners
  14. 1 Jordan Phillps oklama 2Tartt samford 3 Henry anderson stanford 4 Havestein Wiconsin RT 5 Semple 6 derick lott 6 Zack Zenner 7 ladarius gunther 7 joey mbu
  15. Colts will pick dline in the first round

  16. here my ideal line Ac mewhort holmes Herrmans /scheriff ,tomilson cherlius/havestein
  17. with this amount of rain windscreen wipers for my glasses would be nice

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