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  1. Indygus

    My Team

    Great story (minus the rude Pats fans) about our Colts! Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Indygus


    Don't expect to see me at a Colts game wearing this, but I am #COLTSTRONG nonetheless!
  3. Indygus

    group (2)

    I swallowed my pride to show #COLTSTRONG!
  4. Indygus

    Album 1

  5. Indygus

    IMG 3367

    From the album: Album 1

    Colts fan flag hanging in north endzone for 2012 season
  6. Indygus

    IMG 0950

    From the album: Album 1

    Willie Roaf, Gale Sayers, me, Chad Pennington and Commissioner Goodell at NFL Headquarters - Fan Forum Sept 5
  7. Indygus

    IMG 0132

    From the album: Album 1

    Mariah Carey - NFL Kickoff Sept 5 @ Rockefeller Center
  8. Indygus

    IMG 0146

    Thanks, Mona. It was a fantastic experience. No, we didn't meet Mariah, but we met Jeff Herrod and his lovely fiance - great folks!
  9. Indygus

    IMG 0104

    My wife showing her Colts pride!
  10. Indygus

    IMG 0121

    Jeff Herrod (#54 of your Indianapolis Colts), my wife, and me in NYC for the NFL Fan Flag Challenge ceremony
  11. Indygus

    IMG 0173

    From the album: Album 1

    Flat Chuck and me at the Giants-Cowboys NFL season Kickoff game at MetLife
  12. Indygus

    IMG 0146

    From the album: Album 1

    Being introduced at Fan Flag Ceremony. We opened for Mariah Carey!!!
  13. Indygus

    IMG 0121

    From the album: Album 1

    Jeff Herrod #54 (what a great guy!) Colts legend, the wife, and me
  14. Indygus

    IMG 0115

    From the album: Album 1

    Colts wall at NFL Headquarters
  15. Indygus

    IMG 0118

    From the album: Album 1

    At Commissioner Goodell's Fan Flag Forum at NFL Headquarters. I have a new respect for this man.
  16. Indygus

    IMG 0091

    From the album: Album 1

    First look at each winner's flag
  17. Indygus


    Thanks, ColtsBlueFL. Go Colts!!!
  18. Indygus


    This is my winning entry in the 2012 NFL inaugural Fan Flag Challenge. The design team did a great job capturing the Indianapolis skyline, Lucas Oil Stadium, the Lombardi Trophy, and the state of Indiana. I wanted to include all Hoosiers - the best sports fans in the world!! Other fan flags may be more flashy, but I wanted a classic look to match the class of our favorite team.
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