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  1. I think and hope this will change the dynamics of our offense Greatly. The play calling has been a major issue for quite some time. For those of you who don't know Chud, He was just fired from the Brown a few years age as thier head coach, and even though he was fired after one year he did a great good coach that team. He will get Luck back to his former self, and back into a heavy tight-end based system. We should see much improvement, but the real issue caused only be Grigson is our o-line. I wont get into much speculation, but I'm guessing the real rift between Pagano and Grigson is solely on the makup of the team. That is what's truly getting under Pagano's skin, but at the same time Pagano has a hard time motivating his team for games. Enough of that, this last game was lost on bad play calling period. I mean it was bad. I remember watching the game thinking to myself, why everytime we have success running the football don't we mix it up with a pass or just be diverse, make the defense think. Pep became so predictable in that game it was almost hard to watch, Most kid call better games on madden. Hopefully the firing will light a fire under these guys butt on offense from the top to bottom. Chud got a lot on his hands but something tells me he will be just fine.
  2. Anderson- I want to see if he really possess the kind of power that can easly be translated to the NFL as most analyst say he can. Smith- Knowing most QBs stayed away from this kid most of last year in college, I'm very eager to see if he is just talking the talk or if he can actually walk it. Geather- Is he as good as they say he is both FB\IQ and being that big hitting SS type we've been missing since Bob, that can also play LBer packages whattt. Robinson- How can you not fall in love with this kids story. I'm really hoping he has a good camp and can be what most say is an MJD style of play, he was ranked as the number one most elusive RB in this years draft. Parry- I think he may suprise a lot of people, you can be effective even at his size in the middle in the NFL. Hodges- Can he do what he did in the Ivy league at an NFL level, I remember an interview with Jonathan Newsome. The question was who has been standing out at your position in minicamp. The anwser, Zack Hodges. Vargo- This is one guy no one is talking about. Once again maybe that has something to do with the Ivy league, but I will be keeping an eye on Vargo as to how his camp goes as well. Good- I think its safe to say that steak wont last in the NFL of not allowing a sack, but I hope he can add something to the oline. Dorsett- I will be watching Dorsett the most. He can change the dynamic of this team into something the NFL has never seen before if he can stay healthy and sustain a entire NFL season both running back kicks and punts, and being our 3rd or 4th WR while keeping that same speed and explosiveness. Easier said then done but If he can, this teams offense shouldn't be stopped and I don't care who the Defense is or what secondary we're talking about. Simply put speed kill in this league and I clearly understand what Pep Hamilton was talking about when he said our 3rd WR is better then your 3rd best CB and it seems like its gonna be like that all day long with this years unit of WRs. Carter- Can he be the force he was in College, and the CFL the last two year. this will be his second shot at an NFL level, hopefully this time around he's much more mature and professional, Carter has been ranked as one of the top three best young WRs in the CFL for the last two years. Celiscar- Was that great mini camp ha fluke or is he as good as all the talk before mini camp ended.
  3. I don't know about up here in this forum, but since the opening of mini camp all I've heard on NFL live @ NFL insiders is all good things. They had a piece on the Colts yesterday at least 15 to 20 minute long about how the Colts have impoved this offseason. As for the roster, It's more complete this year then it has been the last three years. I Don't know if I should take this thread seriously or not. For now I will take it seriously. We finally have depth at a number of positions. My only ?? mark is the Oline, but hell the Oline wasn't all that good last season and we still were the #1 passing team last year. If we can get a good running game going we would really be scary. All of the Colts issues on defense were taking care of this offseason if you ask me. Here are a list of just the main pick ups. Lankford-DE Cole-OLB Lowery-S Irving-ILB Anderson-DE Smith-CB Geathers-S\ILB Parry-NT Not to mention the undrafted guys-aka DEPTH. With what we already have on the team. Geather is playing in a nickel package covering Back and TE as well as SS. Smith Is that back up corner we've been missing, now if we were to losse Davis or Toler for a game or a play we're not looking at a huge dropoff, Steelers last years. Parry, Anderson and Lankford will help slow down the run. Irving should he return back to 100% is a great run stopper and Cole is good at stopping the run but even better as a pass rusher, simular to Mathis. The fact that we replaced Landry for Lowery is a very good move in my book as well. I'm just saying we have solid depth for the first time in the Luck Era, and I didn't even go into the skilled positions. Now we just have to translate it to the field.
  4. Well I think this will be are strongest season In the Luck era. I believe 2015 will be very similar to 2009 season where we had a close shoot at 17-0. That year we had an average defense. Our defense will be much stronger this year with depth at every position. Our offense will be an Elite offense ranked at #1 or 2 and defensive coordinators will miss a lot of sleep before playing us. We where #1 in yards per game last year even with an inconsistent offensive line and rookie center and guard. With our off-season additions I don't see many teams on paper that can handle our Offense and if coached and scheme properly the Colts could take the NFL by storm. Scheme wise to me, this is a BIG year for our Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton with the different ways he can attack defenses and the different sets, screens and personals. Pep needs to bring it and be aggressive in 2015. I can't say it enough I really like where we stand at this point in the off-season, I just hope I can say this after training camp. Lastly I have to point out that the #s speak for themselves and are listed as. 2012/11-5 playoff berth 0-1 2013/11-5 playoff berth 1-1 2014/11-5 playoff berth 2-1 2015/??-? playoff berth 3-? GO COLTS!!!
  5. I was like must fan upset and confused when I heard the pick, but once I set back and saw the whole picture I have to say I really like want the Colts have done. Sure there where clear need that had to be addressed and there were some very good defensive player left on the board, but clearly non of those players base off how our front office felt were as impactful as Dorsett and yet we still got players at those position. Lets remember people theirs always valued players outside of rounds one two and three. As for Wr not being a need. Since 2012 the Colts have had issues at this positions, do your homework on the matter and the idea that this move was made to cover for the departure of TY couldn't be further from the truth. Now in 2012-Avery, 2013-DHB, 2014-Nicks, know I do feel that A. Johnson will break this cycle but I have no problem with the Team taking anther step to making sure we are set at the position and yes we have Carter but he hasn't played a snap in the NFL. We were here last year at the beginning of OTAs thinking we would have one of the strongest Wr Core in football and what happened, Roger was cut Brazill get suspended and Reggie wasn't Reggie. So as I said sure we have TY, Johnson, Moncrief and even Carter history has shown that's not all that not always the case and knock on wood we have any injuries at that position. Drafting Dorsett allows us the ability to completely change a lot of the complexity of our offense for instance we could go wildcat, screen, reverses, dump routes we could plug Dorsett on the outside or inside same as TY and Johnson can play inside or outside take your pick not to mention Dorsett is going to be a good PR and KR although that was the same thinking about TY until they found out what all he could do they at Wr and didn't want to get him hurt. As a whole the Front Office did a good job in my opinion this offseason, the only true hole I see after the draft is I'd sat RT, but I like pick 29 and Colts Nation and Fan base will to once the season starts and we see all this kid can do. As for the players being upset with the pick, they need to worry about themselves and not the draft just like he said in the movie Draft Day when the GM was talking to Drew Stanton, If I draft him I draft him do yourself a favor and worry about drew but more importantly don't bother me with your %t right know I'm working here!!!
  6. Wow!! I don't think any of us saw that one coming and clearly no one is happy about it other then the FO and Phillip, but I bet you they make us believer by seasons end!!Go Colts. P. Dorsett keep you're head up and just score and they will LOVE you....Lots of picks left..
  7. Well I'm really talking about the Luck era, since 2012 we have played the Pats 5 times and all the score look almost the same. How many times have we played the steeler and the chargers since 2012. I can't speak for other years because this is not the teams of old. This is one of if not the best active rivalry in the NFL and every true Colt fan circle that match up every season, so if we are talking about the 2015 season and what we know about our team since its taken new shape in 2012 we have not had more issue with any other team other then the PATS...
  8. Irving was rated as the 3rd best run stopper in the first 8 game of 2014, He is not known for his coverage skills but I do think over all he is better then Jackson. I think it makes for a really good rotation at ILB with guys with different skill sets, but make no mistake Nate was brought in to help stop the run.
  9. (Patriots).. If we can't hang with the Pats, how will we make it to the SB. I was very upset with our loss to them in the regular season because it showed me what we didn't do in the offseason to over come them. There is no other team in the AFC that has had our number like the pats and in order to take the next step we have to get passed the pats. First match up is for home field, 2nd match up will be for a chance at the SB, not to overlook anyone but only one team has whipped us like NE.
  10. Cherlius cap # is $6.9M and Landry# is $4.9M.
  11. Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati, Orlando Franklin, Doug Free, Joe Barksdale, Michael Roos.. Landry would cost us 1.4m and Cherilus 1.8 in dead money, that's not a lot.
  12. Truth is were are you getting your info? Over the cap Indianapolis colts financial report 2015-16 season
  13. Sorry but Luck has 4 years on his rookie contract and the team has a 5th year option so that's two years left. As I said I love Reggie but a blind man can see he is slowing down. Now you say Reggie deserves the benefit of the doubt till it is shown one way or another, but that's what you saw this year. Reggie didn't have the stats this year that he had last year after missing more then half the season. Bradshaw had 4 games the first year and 8 games this year but how will he help this team come Jan @ Feb if he's on IR? When was the last time he played a whole season or better yet how many times in his career has he finished the season without being put on IR. You are right about him being the best back on the team but the man is an injury waiting to happen. Lastly easy, no filling holes on are team isn't going to be easy but it can clearly be done. Nothing dealing with the offseason will be easy but it can be done. and we have two years before Luck Is due the big bucks to get on the right track. I said it once and I'll say it again its about production, not fan favorite, knee jerk reaction! Really!! you must hate change. The team is trying to make it to and win the SB, not just make the playoffs.
  14. Cherilus 6.9M Thomas 3.7M Richardson 3.1M RJF 6.1 Walden 4.2M Landry 5.7 All these contracts were done in a way that we can get out of them without dealing with dead money, thats close to 30M. none of these guys have lived up to their contracts
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