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  1. I say we make a good push for Mack at cener, Resign Davis bring in a guy like Grime across from Davis and Byrd at FS. We need another corner because we don't have a sure thing in Toler. We could us a guy like Hardy at DE, hell I could even see us go after MJD but I know thats unlikly. I do think Richardson will be much better next season, its funny his stats are the same as Lynch when he first came into the NFL but look at him know lets not give up on Trich so fast. I did like the play of Bradshaw but its a waste of money if he can't stay on the field now who I would give up on is Walden who was'nt all that impressive to me plus we would save over 4 million agaist the cap. We also need better depth on the oline but I can only see us branging in a few FA but not so much because of Lucks future contract but the fact is 30 million to 45 million isn't a lot if your looking to sign good players rather then meddiocre players that are just role players rather the true diffence makers.
  2. Indyboy757

    2013 Free Agency

    Well I do agree with Forte, he is a beast when healthy and yes if we can sign him for the right price I'd take him any day. I would hold off on a wide out tell 2014, I feel luck and company will be able to put up a few points Im more worried about the running game. I also like Jake Long, but if we go after Long I would'nt be expecting the colts to take anyone else on Offense. I think we need to address holes on the D, starting with CB,ILB,NT,DE. Now we could use two CBs but would be just fine with one , my question is will Revis be a free agent next year? For the saftie position well it depends on how Zib looks this season, if he looks good Ill pass up on a SS in 2013. I do feel we need a ILB next to Agerer, not a fan of conner. Feel we are on the same page as for getting that in the draft with Te'o and yes I would trade up just to get him, and if their is a guy at NT or DE I would trade up back into the first round to take him aswell but the focus next year needs to be and will be on the defensive side of the ball. The one thing Pagano said that I do beleive is we will be a complete team and that means all our money will no longer be tied up only on the offensive side of the ball. We have a QB that will impress his first year and he has weapons and rookies that will shock a lot of poeple, but the defense is were we need to get better we only have four really good players Freeney,Mathis, Angerer and Bethea. Lets not fall back into the same trap of putting it all on Luck as we did with Manning we need a defense and next year is the time to fine tune our roster. Most important is this year to evaluate the talent currently on the roster than decide what direction we will go in free agency...PS no no no on Tracy Porter!!!
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