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  1. I'm talking about nobody cares what the so called experts think. lol
  2. They do that because nobody ever goes back and calls them out for their wrong draft grades.Mostly because NOBODY CARES.
  3. I believe in camp more then 1 player can have the same #
  4. Only he knows for sure but I just think he was here most of the year evaluating players with Grigson. Griggs said in his conf. they were looking at some of the players as far back as august.So I think he did a copy& paste on his board for the most part.(who wouldn't) I think Okafor,Watford,Taylor,Swope,Ellington and even mathieu were on our board.bruce even said Luck has been talking up Taylor all year.So if you have an ideal who another team likes and where, and your in a position to take that player b-4 they do. Well you just do it.
  5. I think Cunningham will beat out Saunders and Satele or Shipley one will be cut.The rest of the o-line is nowhere near set.IMO
  6. and one more Nigel Malone CB Kansas State
  7. another just in Emmet Cleary OL Boston College
  8. 5 more so far Lanear Simpson, WR, Baylor Dan Moore, FB, Montana Matt McManus, K, Temple Daxton Swanson, CB, SJ State
  9. The back half of the draft isn't about starters unless your team is woeful.But there's always a player or two who rise to the top after camp and preseason.
  10. I give it a C as in wait and see.I do think Bruce stole some of his players off our board.He knew he could get them b-4 we did.
  11. Training camp should be SWEET who wants the starting job !
  12. Last year I copied and pasted about 10 diff. mock drafts Exc (luck and Griffin) not one of them got a single pick right.
  13. sorry, didn't see you only have 6 people.stick with your plan
  14. The problem is it's only round 1 tonight so,you'll have a lot of people with 0 or 1 unless you get minn
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