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  1. I'm just wondering if you're being completely arbitrary or if you are thinking about why these teams will be bad that you listed? For instance, why will be that bad again this year, do teams normally get the top draft pick in back to back year? (They don't)
  2. I am 8 for 14 so far with 2 more games to go. Pittsburgh and NYG probably screwed a lot of people though.
  3. How could you say that Jacksonville looked worse than Tennessee? Or that Cincy looked worse than the Browns? That is fairly silly to me.
  4. Chargers might be seen as under achievers but I think that they have the tools to get the whole thing done this year as long as their special teams unit is not godawful like it was last year.
  5. So Luke McCown has a good drive last year and he's the best option for the Jags? Well color me converted.
  6. Sucks that Houston fans won't get to see one of the best operating in Houston.
  7. NO@GB - SB champs at home, I think Rogers puts on a show. CIN@CLE - I think McCoy will lead an improved Browns team, but they wouldn't need McCoy to beat the bad news Bengals IND@HOU - In Houston and with no Manning. Houston could screw this up, but I wouldn't bet on it right now. TEN@JAC - Meh. I don't think having McCown or Gabbert start here is going to do much for the Jags. BUF@KC - KC is banged up, and while this is an obvious reach pick, I think it could happen. ATL@CHI - Cutler gonna get sacked a bunch. DET@TB - Home team mostly and I think Josh Freeman is a pretty good QB. PHI@ST
  8. Does coming out and taking the first snap, handing the ball off, and then going to the bench in order to keep the streak alive count as a "start"?
  9. If anybody on the O-line goes down the Texans are in serious trouble as they lost 2 of their backup interior linemen this preseason. Gonna be missing Antoine Caldwell.
  10. AFC North: Steelers, Browns, Ravens AFC East: Pats AFC South: Texans AFC West: Chargers NFC North: Packers, Lions NFC East: Eagles NFC South: Bucs, Saints NFC West: Rams AFCCG: Chargers over the Steelers NFCCG: Packers over the Eagles SB: Chargers over Packers Not going to do awards because the media is the one who nominates most of the awards and it is common knowledge that most of the football writers are sporting shoe sized IQ's. Edit: changed preds based on new Manning news.
  11. Peyton is going to abuse the middle of the field all game long if he's playing. Also, inside running should be on the menu for your guys as well.
  12. I'll believe it when I see it. A decent running game goes a long way in helping that to happen but until I see a defense in Houston that isn't laughable I'll wait until the games are played before I run my mouth.
  13. Ben Tate and Brooks Reed played really really well. Saints looked like they weren't really trying except when they were running the ball up the middle.
  14. I will post my breakdown of what I saw of WIlliams in his first action against the Jets. When I say SOLB, I am referring to the spot on the defense where he will be challenging the right side of the Jets O-line. Take it for what it's worth: 1st - 10: Mario Lined up at SOLB Watt LDE. 3 step drop Mario bullying RT into backfield, Watt pushing his man backwards as well. 2nd - 5 : Run play to Smith/Barwin side 1st - 10: (ESPN Coverage sucks BTW, this play was already snapped when the actual play came back into view on the tv but. Watt looks like he's pushing his man really far into the pocket an
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