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  1. While I wouldn't take T.O on my beloved Colts, I did see him playing Arena Football a moth or so back. He had like 4 or 5 TD that game. He is just running a muck there. He could surely be useful to someone in the NFL is he could keep his ego in check.
  2. 12-4 whoever the best available is that falls to pick # 32.
  3. I think he fits in great there, best of luck to you in the future Dallas!
  4. Insanity in the Jets 2ndary. One thing is for sure. This season relies on the play of the QB in NY.
  5. KInda sad that it had to come to that, I was reading somewhere this morning that if Osi Umenyiora got to 500,000 Twitter followers he was going to buy the ring and give it back to Taylor. He didn't make it past 60,000 though by the time the auction ended.
  6. Brackett. I was sad when he wasn't retained
  7. Those are some pretty crazy numbers. Maybe Polian wasn't as good as everyone thought he was? I'm personally happy wih the new Regime
  8. Tough decision here... I'll have to wait until draft day, the WR's in Denver may be overhyped, causing them to goo too early. I'd def take at least Decker if I can get him in the right spot.
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