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  1. Colts fan from Kent, England. Spent a year at Indiana University, Bloomington in 2010-11. Was an NFL fan before that but didn't follow a team. Went to LOS to watch Peyton beat the Bengals that season and was a confirmed Colts fan from then on. Came back in 2013 and saw us lose to the Dolphins at LOS, and hoping to make another visit for the upcoming season. Lucky enough to meet Andrew Luck at an event in London a couple of years ago and he signed a mini helmet for me.
  2. Difficult living across the pond to get your hands on stuff, especially that you know is authentic. Having said that I have a signed Vontae Davis mini helmet and a signed Andrew Luck helmet that I actually witnessed him sign in when I met him in London. Would love to get some photos with the players.
  3. Awesome! Would love to get a signed jersey, but living in the UK means the import fees are crazy. Managed to get my mini helmet signed when I met Luck in London last summer though. Good enough for me!
  4. Not long to go now. Live in London so gonna head up to Regent street Saturday afternoon for the fan rally and then The Admiralty pub in Trafalgar Square is where it seems the Colts fans are gonna be based on Saturday evening. I've been to 2 games in Indy and the people have been so warm and friendly. Hopefully it will be good to welcome some Americans to our corner of the world and show you some British hospitality! (This will involve mainly drinking)
  5. SW. One of the questions to Luck was about him being known for being very eloquent and well spoken and he joked that it must have been the 2 years he spent at school in London.
  6. Yep, was at this event, with a bunch of other UK based fans in London. It was an awesome evening and I managed to snag an autograph. Dwayne Allen and Andrew were answering fan questions. Some other things he said, that you guys might be interested in: There was some fun made of Luck’s new contract, which was amusing but I think Andrew found a little embarrassing. Luck said he loved living in Indiana, Hoosier hospitality and enjoyed living in such a vibrant sports town. He said that the newest player he’s most excited about is Ryan Kelly. Jokingly said Kell
  7. To be fair they did also say that the corners and LB's were one of the worst units in the league as well.
  8. http://www.fansedge.com/Indianapolis-Colts-Merchandise-_-418917996_BW.html 80 quid for a Luck replica. Plus older ones on sale and it's all in Pound sterling. There's Clark, Garcon, Addai jerseys for £30 and under. I've ordered stuff from here as well. http://www.footballfanatics.com/NFL_Indianapolis_Colts_Jerseys It's pot luck whether you get stung for charges as well though. I must have ordered numerous items including mlb and nfl stuff and never been hit by additional fees yet. knock on wood
  9. Hey all. I have made the trip over the pond to LOS and what I can say is that it is a truly magnificent stadium to watch a game of football in. Was a 23-17 win v the Bengals in 2010. It was a real honour to watch Manning play for real, instead of on tv from 4000 miles away. Hopefully be coming over again at Christmas/holiday time so will definitely be making sure of another trip to Lucas Oil.
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