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  1. To be honest with TY learning from Reggie, he could pass on a lot to Metcalf and with his size it would be real scary if he could run every route. I would not be against a 'small' trade up.
  2. Saw the Super Bowl in '06 and some guy Manning was pretty good and the Colts won! The NFL wasn't so big in Denmark back then so the Super Bowl was the only known event for me. Since then I have followed the Colts.
  3. Great job with these profiles, Dustin! It is really helpful for someone like me that doesnt know what really translates well from college to nfl... Keep it up!
  4. I dont want Harbaugh, he is a child on the sideline and embarrassing to watch. However, I would love if we looked at Cardinals' DC Todd Bowles; he's been a hot name this year, and the D in Arizona is really good. They are blizing a ton like we have to. Then maybe move Chud to OC.
  5. The only thing keeping Pagano from losing his job is the fact that we are in the AFC South.
  6. This game is just another example of poor coaching, and I have not been a Pagano-basher, but this is getting ridiculous. I would not be sad if we had a HC-change this offseason.
  7. Whats the difference between Skip Bayless and thedude? - Skip actually gets paid.
  8. Besides the fumbles, TRich had a great game vs. the Eagles.
  9. An ankle injury.. Was able to walk to locker room though
  10. Not at all lost for Luck. His deep ball went from good to great.
  11. Anyone got some quick math skills to inform me how much cap we have left?
  12. I actually like the new format! Should be fun to watch
  13. TY is a #1... He just put up over 300 yards in two playoff games, where he was the main focus of both D's.
  14. Never turn off a Colts or Eagles game... This game was legendary
  15. That game was insane! Emotional rollercoaster!!!
  16. You are so right! They WERE the best offense. Then this year happened. Keep dreaming.
  17. If I remember the play correctly, the player was moving the ball from his hands to his chest for a firmer grip of the ball. That is what I call possession of the football and therefore it should have been a fumble.
  18. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-films-sound-efx/0ap2000000292777/Sound-FX-Cory-Redding I'm baaaaaaaaaaack.
  19. I hate stories like this.. Not being comfortable in your working-area is terrible and especially in football where team chemistry is everything. I think we can all agree that line chemistry is one of the most important parts of having a solid line.
  20. Luck AD Megatron JJ Watt Patrick Willis
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