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  1. If hes on the Practice Squad theres a reason, he was cut multiple times already and must not be better then anyone on the roster. Bringing him up isn't going to change much.
  2. lol whats fire pep going to do, cant block up front and WR's cant get open.
  3. Will be interesting to see how the colts move the ball without reggie on 3rd down. If Luck can spread the ball around, i think we win by 10. If we struggle on 3rd down, the game could get out of hand.
  4. lol No way you can get Lee or Bowman unless your trading luck. No thank you to the 3rd option.
  5. I see him as a smaller clone of Blair White.
  6. Not the Best Dynasty in NFL history. Maybe the best team this year with Allen, Ballard, Bradshaw and wayne all healthy, and Donald Thomas.
  7. Aaron Donald DT/DE has 26 sacks in his career i think and leads all current active college players in sacks.
  8. I don't think we will do anything trade wise. You Drafted Brazil for a reason. See what he can do before you give up on him. He showed his talent last year. Now its time he proves he was worth taking him in the draft.
  9. Fans having abilty to wait for players to develop is so rare.
  10. The Coaching staff just can't be scared to go for it. We have luck for a reason. We have Trich for a reason. Don't know why we play like Luck is the worst QB in the LG and hand cuff him for 90% of the game.
  11. You don't win by being conservative. Don't know how many losses it will take for that to sink in to the coaching staff.
  12. Lol, Grigson Turned preseason production into a draft pick for nothing. Thats pretty solid when you can do that.
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