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  1. I hope everyone is still showing Luck love next week.....this should be interesting
  2. He's built like Ansah....very similar...probably a similar motor..he's a project
  3. I dont think football is as complicated....he's a star in rugby, there's no value in just being on the PS
  4. Go to YouTube...just watched his Highlight Tape....He's huge....and violent...Imma fan already.....I hope he isn't just a camp body..>I have a lot of respect for rugby because they still hit hard without equipment and they're running the whole time....Ngata was a great rugby player in high school one of the best so this can be a nice fit.
  5. I guess I'm a part of the "rap culture" wearing different apparel because it matches isn't that big a deal...
  6. As an aside I'm pretty sure Tebow was acquired to be Bellichek's whipping boy.....literally, I heard he's had a dungeon erected for him and everything....
  7. I see it...I see how evil this defense is about to be.....
  8. Our offense is going to look alot like San Fran and Green Bay which means the ball is going to be spread out.....everyone can potentially have big game on any sunday but it wont be consistent
  9. I think we do have the top Def Line....and the deepest...Lets say its Redding Franklin and RJF or Hughes Chap and Guy or Redding Hughes Nevis and RJF.....there are so many scary combinations
  10. I'm so excited about how nasty this team is going to be this year. Betwenn the moves on Offense and the renovation of the Defense, Chap playing, the overhauled secondary Werner being added....man I'm so excited....
  11. This is a great insurance policy...and an ideal fit for Bradshaw, he doesnt have to be the man. RB by committee is how you do it now...Im happy about this
  12. Because of the Scheme.....we need a FB for sure We need williams as a Reciever/Back hybrid, I think Ballard will have series and Bradshaw will and Brown would be a third down back...we need more RB's for the west coast cuz we'll be running the ball more
  13. Carter is definitely gone that's clear but I think we'll have 5 RBs...Donald Brown will remain
  14. It makes sense to model their roster after a Green Bay or San Fran since that's the offense we're running basically so with that said 4 TE's is a smart guess, besides, TE' s are becoming more and more essential to an offensive scheme regardless of strategy...besides Saunders isnt weak...he was a solid player this year and if we drop him BA will pick him up as soon as he can and make him a Cardinal...RB is tricky though...with 4 RB's I can see Ballard, Brown, Williams and Moore....but brown will get hurt....he definitely will so who would be the PS guy??
  15. I like the contrast...but between williams and o'bryant I feel like they'll maintain that contrast the writings on the wall
  16. I think Guy is the 7th guy...didnt mean that weak pun...but I do think he is...he was a solid performer and he was a rookie!!! Definite upside with him over Nevis, Matthews, Mckinney,
  17. I dont think folks need to act like Joe isn't a very solid safety......
  18. Im not the only who read about Price after he was signed...dude was NOT GOOD but made great improvements after he got coached up properly by a solid DB coach in Jim Mora Jr....Pagano is one of the best in the business in coaching up that position meaning price has a higher ceiling....
  19. The Oline made a MAJOR upgrade...I'm just looking at a photo of Thorton...look at him...then look at Reitz/McGynn then look back at him lol...that eye test is crazy
  20. UT had the worse coaches in the country between Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley...it was a dysfunctional program.....I think the Colts will either bring out the very best with him or give him the boot, plain and simple...you all said the same about Vontae Davis and he's a model citizen and great player
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