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  1. Pretty sure Manning is the only QB to win three different divisions in his career. Brady is still stuck with one. Manning has 9 total and Brady has 10 divisional championships. But they both can collectively thank the NY Jets, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, and Jacksonville Jaguars for that, at least in part.
  2. I take joy in this only because it causes Steelers fans great pain.
  3. If he can't beat out Sanchize what makes anyone think he could beat Gabbert? :shrug: He'll probably get a chance in New York at some point if the Jets keep losing.
  4. But you couldn't make that assumption because success rate and the number of attempts per game are probably negatively correlated. I think that was hoosiercoltsfans point.
  5. Wow. The real numbers are a great indication at how badly our screen game has been this year. I can't remember a single effective one off the top of my head.
  6. I'm more worried about who's gonna tackle Richardson after Shonn Greene went off last game.
  7. Gonzo


    He just wanted out of town for whatever reason. The skins basically offered him the same contract he rejected from us and he snapped it up.
  8. I think that's why I like watching the Broncos this year. It reminds me of watching the Colts all these years. smh
  9. When the nuclear holocaust finally arrives the only survivors will be the cockroaches and Tebowmania.
  10. We haven't blocked any punts this year anyway. I don't see the Jets top punt protector making much of a difference.
  11. They're 2-3 and one game behind Sand Diego after playing a brutal opening schedule including 3 of the hottest teams in the league. If they beat San Diego next week they're first. Seriously, they got gashed by New England, Atlanta and Houston but still had a chance to win in every game. They'll be fine. The back half of the schedule is much more friendly.
  12. Yes. Now it's Luck vs. Griffen vs. Tannehill vs. Weedon.
  13. Shame he got hurt, but that's not a penalty. He slipped and got unlucky. I'm sure he'll be back up and leading the skins to victory before too long.
  14. He did admit it. He said he didn't think he did it at the time, but when he saw the game tape it was undeniable: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8430723/seattle-seahawks-vs-green-bay-packers-golden-tate-now-admits-pushed-off Errors like this are on the refs, not the players.
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