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  1. I was in shock over this too. Add this to his terrible time management and shaky assistant coaching staff and I have to wonder if Pagano is the right guy at all.
  2. I dont understand the whole Holmes and Reitz inactives as well. Kinda just think this Holmes must just blow chunks. He needs to get those pics so many other garbage players have had over the years. Perhaps Mcglyn has the last and only copies now ;)
  3. Miami should be poised to take a run at that division, not sure what Buffalo is and the Jets, if they get improved ball security and better decision making from their qb, they have the ability in another year or 2 to dig into that division topside as well. Buffalo is just a place where players go for a big payday evey once in awhile and then never get heard from again.
  4. I was glad to see these 2 signings too although reviewing them at this stage of the year, Landry has been just a smidge above avg and really hasn't given us the big impact plays we should be getting from that spot imo. If we had a competent RG, we might have even better play from Cherilous than we've already seen but I like he has given us to date.
  5. My respect fornthe pats come from such excellent coaching of this team over the years. They may not have always had the best talent as some other teams but they had a well built oline, a smart qb and bb getting players to be in position in a system regardless of skill set level. Brady has played with some pretty low name wr's over the years whom do just enough to move chains and get close to be able to score. The defense he fields just makes solid plays and are always in positions to make plays. Its amazing how many cb's he has fielded over the years and lb'ers to the system that just look wa
  6. When I watch this defense play I just think meh. With that and his past history of such mediocre defenses, I could certainly be fine with not having him back next year and looking into another 3-4 defensive minded coach with moxy. Manusky is not the worst dc but he certainly hovers around average imho. My concern with this statement is about pagano. He was supposed to be the saviour and defensive guru for our team and we have seen about as much vanilla defense as you tend to see in preseason games. Maybe pagano is nothing more than a beneficiaries guy from the prior dc of baltimore because
  7. O judgemental are we? Alcholic and you know this from his medical history? And I don't care if MADD, SADD, PETA or any other hypocrictical organization doesn't like someone the colts sign or resign, its not there business and if they have a suite in the stadium, they can choose to give up their seats. People are so dang tightly strung anymore that they are so worried what everyone thinks about them. Jeez, we are such politically correct wussies in this country anymore, no wonder we have fallen off the ledge. Now the reason I wouldn't want him back would be he threatened the police officer, not
  8. And a good coach will get as much out of the rules as the refs will allow and adjust from there. The one thing tony dungy did not do and it cost us plenty of post season wins although we didn't have press corners back then either but they mugged us and let their guys run clean. I'm not sure we are much further with heavy press guys at this point of the season. I think pags will test the level of the refs allowance to defend though.
  9. Because there is this thing called internet ego and everyone has to be right whether it's legit or technically speaking. I'm more like it was a great play that got great results at the right time. I do wished they had a few designed runs for luck just to keep that upfront in the minds of the rushing defense.
  10. I was there and yes there was booing at halftime as they were going in, I was one of them. My boos were directed at the defense but overall, the whole team recieved it and played better after the int luck threw right out of the gate in the 3rd q. And yes, they deserved every boo plus some that they got, they did not play up to NFL standards at home.
  11. Me and my buddy contemplated taking off after the halftime and then seeing the pick out of the gate, it was hard to sit there and watch what had been a pretty crappy defense and some spotty offense up to that point. But I have never left a game just because they are behind or ahead and I'm glad we stuck to it Saturday. All I could think was we would start scoring but would we stop them from scoring with enough time left to pass them up and making it meaningful. Top 3 games I have ever seen from these colts and the crowd was loud most of the night and certainly loud in the 4th quarter when it
  12. Yes low risk and cheap enough pay. I do think a more seasoned OC would have done the short slants and short passes to maximize his talents because in Oakland and now here, he has proven he isn't a deep threat guy becuae his hands/eye coordination doesn't let him succeed well enough but he has been able to catch most of the quick passes or the screens. Idk why we didn't draw up more of those plays for him instead of the long passes that he kept dropping. I would keeep him though for right around league minimun but not much more.
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