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  1. draft luck and use our high 2nd and 3rd round draft picks on some right away talent and also think about trading freeney or mathis and grabbing another draft pick and we good for the next years with manning and we have our next gen qb with luck and also who knows....if peyton gets injured we have luck so we are good...u dont pass up on a elite qb under any cirrcumstances
  2. no mention of the okstate wr baldwin WOW he is the best in the ncaa
  3. cut collins and sign garrad and we are a playoff team bottom line but they wont smh
  4. we solid cb away i think. nevis might just be the dt we needed he is very strong and explosive ie suh from the lions
  5. do u watch colts footbal thats always been the formula. im just saying my man
  6. caldwell sucks as a hc....and if u dont think so i got us going 0 and 16 this year and if we win a game it will be week 17 . players play the game but a good coach is worth at least 3 wins off of the the leadership/motivation factor and caldwell has a 0 rating in those departments
  7. i liked this draft d carter is the goods but the last 5 years before that were horrible polian drafts good moral players and no talent like really
  8. as a true colts fan (before manning) i would much rather have a complete team then just have manning. and the fo is so....to not have built at least a respectable defence by now for manning his career is at the farewell stage and they failed him. polian is really not that great of a gm if u ask me
  9. and he lost 6 of 7 super bowls so whats ur point
  10. listen peyton wont be back this yr. the year is over cut collins and sign garrad and i see us having a shot
  11. and to be totally honest its not that we are small but we are not physical enough. we are finesse on off and def and i would love to balance it out on both ends. get more smash mouth on off and get some trench players on d. just what i think
  12. manning is a joe for having neck surgery at the end of may....what the heck was he thinkin
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