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  1. Looks like this team is on the Rhode to Rigoberto?
  2. I always say it like Bobbie's dad in The Waterboy Close enough
  3. Maybe Ballard loves saying Rigoberto as much as I do?
  4. David Parry T.Y McGill :/ Rashaan Melvin Phillip Dorsett Antonio Morrison
  5. 1.) Hilton 2.) Crief 3.) Aiken 4.) Rodgers 5.) Dorsett or Natson (Honestly think Natson would be more effective) 6.) Howard
  6. In my opinion, I think it's just Luck and Hilton. I want to say V. Davis as well, but I think Doyle may have position on lock more.
  7. LA Rams... My landlord has given Uber rides to so many players from the Rams lately.
  8. I'm hoping the Rams as well because I live near LA, want to establish my dominance early!
  9. Don't we always play them in the preseason though? lol
  10. Am I the only one surprised we didn't have the 15th pick from the beginning, I mean we did beat the Vikings 34-6... shouldn't that be considered a tie-breaker or something?
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