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  1. Why not just draft AB’s cousin “Hollywood” instead? Don’t give up a pick and have another speedster on the team. Or, should we go for a larger possession type receiver?
  2. Carr was just sacked 5 or 6 times last game and Carr is not Luck so once again your comparison is worthless. Not to mention we just got Costanzo back and our oline is going to improve. It's one thing if a QB is going through progressions but another when they have to instantly dump to the safety valve. Cooper is not a bad receiver just in a bad offense right now. So i'm not sure what point you are trying to make it but you're most definitely not making it. But go ahead...try again.
  3. Your comparison only works in a vacuum. It's not like he gets the choice of throwing himself the ball and Carr sure isn't able to do it behind his oline. I have a coworker who is a huge Raiders fan and he has seen every game this year. His take is that Cooper is getting open a lot, even while being double teamed, but Carr is having to throw to the check down receivers. They aren't able to get off many passes past 5 yards. Cooper is obviously frustrated but could come here and flourish within this offense. It is hard to find talent like Cooper, so if you are to dip your toes in free agency then I would have done it with Gordon first, low risk/high reward, and then with Cooper. Throw out a third rd pick and see if they bite. The issue will be with extending his contract and how you structure that, but it would take pressure off of the draft to have to find a wideout.
  4. If nothing more than to help my fantasy team. But seriously, the guy is elite if he can just overcome his personal issues.
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