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  1. just off in left field here, but I would have given Brunell all the reps. But I am an official Brunell fan girl and will readily admit that. His is the only authentic game worn jersey I own. :faint:
  2. "Treat others like you want to be treated." and "If you cannot say something nice, then don't say anything at all." If we acted like that, we would not have near the problems we have here or anywhere. But no one is perfect. This is also an internet message board and too many folks think that it is just a place to vent. It is just faceless names with no feelings so I can say whatever I want with no consequences...how many of you think like that? Well, you are wrong. Maybe that is the way it is other places, but not here. Not on our forum. We have always stood for equality for all posters
  3. Please find more civil ways to discuss the subjects at hand without being inciting or insulting. If posters only wish to hear their own viewpoints, then there is no purpose to continue in a particular discussion except to incite and inflame and that is considered trolling.
  4. For fans who say that Spygate helped the Patriots steal SBs, then Bountygate no doubt helped the Saints obtain their SB (their entire path to the SB not just the game itself). Bountygate just did so in much worse fashion. Deliberately setting out to injure a fellow player is despicable. And to do so on a bet or for extra money. Not to mention the outside bets on it.
  5. He was nervous in the presser (if you are meaning the Broncos intro). Anyone who knew Peyton could tell that...especially at first. But he was more comfortable as it went along. I didn't see anything out of the way. He looked tired, but I am sure he was.
  6. Wow, in all of the major developments that were tweeted about back in September, who knew then that the "Blue Sea" (of Colts fans) would be parted so horribly and deeply...down to the bare dry ground? I wonder if these outcomes were considered or expected. So very sad to bear witness to.
  7. When it comes to unknowns, gambles and risks, it then comes down to a matter of faith and what your gut tells you (in most cases and I am not meaning faith in a religious way). It seems your gut (and Irsay's) goes with the young unknown. My faith (and Elway's) lies with the experienced one. Only time will tell which is the better choice.
  8. Can people stop telling others who can and cannot post here? It is open to all football fans, please remember that.
  9. Everything in this game is a gamble of one sort or another. Every time a player steps on the field, every down that is played, every pass that is thrown - all is a gamble and a risk. No one knows what will happen. "Any given Sunday" is the only thing you know for certain. But there are measured risks based on experience. No guarantees, but at least no unknown quantities. As with all things, it is a 2 way street. You cannot say that it is a sure thing with a rookie QB who has never taken a snap in the NFL vs horrible odds with an obviously healthy and recovering GOAT. It is not reasonable
  10. But one of the biggest what ifs and unknowns in the game is a rookie QB. Just sayin'. ;)
  11. LOL...how did I miss this? Thank you for such a good laugh today. Needed some humor. Perfect time to find it, too, since I was moving threads.
  12. If all of the other teams were happy with what they saw and he showed them the worst and gave access to all medical history and they were happy to give him the same money...things just don't add up. But it is water under the bridge now. I just know that this going to be questions for a long time and a lot of head scratching.
  13. Hopefully he will just win one or two more and he will be a HOFer. Period. Does anything else matter? *closing before more fuel is poured on*
  14. So Peyton showed the teams the worst regarding his health and arm and they all still wanted him... :hmm:. He asked if they wanted more after he threw for 60+ passes. If he had to play this Sunday, he could and he plans to play for a long time. Wow...speechless.
  15. He looked sad thru the smile when he held up the jersey. But he got better (excited) when he started talking about winning.
  16. jtcoltsfan, that was really good. I like Tebow just fine, but I laughed so hard. Talent.
  17. It is Mile High. Easy to gas defenses and easy to air out the ball. Look for some big points. He likes Fox and seems to connect with Elway. I am sure he made the choice that was best for him and his family.
  18. From a Colt to a Bronco, our favorite son is all grown up now.

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      I am not sure if my heart is quite ready for exact Broncos colors yet, so I went back to my VOLS orange mixed with my Colts blue. Nostalgia to take the edge off and ease me into the future. :)

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      ^^^ "like"

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      very clever!

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