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  1. Seems like a pretty good reason for a workout to me.
  2. Eh, flip a coin between Ballard and Tipton. Either way whoever stays is getting cut when Herron gets back, barring another injury. Ultimately, there's nothing Ballard and Tipton can really do that someone else on the roster can't do better. And frankly Varga is much more useful as the 4th back because of his broader skill set than either of those two guys, who are rendered a bit redundant by Gore, Herron, and Robinson. Unless Herron doesn't get put on short term IR, then both of those guys may be gone right away.
  3. I doubt it. What I think it is, is that Moore can be the kind of guy who could be disruptive if he's unhappy, and since Del Rio apparently had already made the decision that he wouldn't be a starter, they probably all just agreed to move him quickly to make everyone happy.
  4. We already knew deep coverage was his weakness though. If he plays mostly nickel for us, though, it should be mitigated.
  5. Dorsett's legs and feet are just unreal in terms of the speed and precision of his stride. Dude looks like a machine from the waist down. I mean, compare him running to the DBs chasing him - they look like humans trying to go fast, he looks like some kind of highly advanced robot.
  6. Are we just going to ignore that this guy implied the NFL is scripted drama and not an actual sporting competition?
  7. I'm really pleased with this draft top to bottom; say what you want about ordering your draft based on need, but I think we got a receiver with the potential to be really very good and some defensive players I think can contribute. I really think we did a great job maximizing talent here. You never really know, but nonetheless, I think we're going to look back on this draft very positively a few years down the line.
  8. This. The difference between arrogance and desire is the ability to differentiate between where you are now and where you want to be.
  9. Regardless of whether I agree with him on a particular topic, I like Gruden because he's always very thorough explaining why he likes a guy or a play or a strategy or whatever. A lot of draft guys will just repeat a bunch of checked boxes, like "this guy has a lot of athleticism" or "this guy has a frame that's too small" or something. Gruden will actually go and talk about particular things a player will be asked to do in the NFL and discuss how he thinks that guy's attributes and skills will affect how he performs his role, and he'll pepper in a few stories while he's at it. So, like I said, maybe I don't always agree with him, but I can always appreciate and understand his reasoning.
  10. Hey, 100% of our first round picks in this draft were offensive players. That's pretty heavy!
  11. While I certainly appreciate the need argument, truth is, if the Colts take a player I think is really good, I'm happy.
  12. This must be like Christmas for you then.
  13. I'm not gonna complain about picking a player I think is good, whether or not we really needed that position.
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