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  1. Cheating and lying may get you the trophy, however, respect will continue to wane for this NE team.
  2. I don't really care either, however, Dallas got a "huge" break with those "two" missed/reversed calls.
  3. Shanahan will be so fired! Oh my...
  4. I'm thankful that the Colt's fans were able to properly say goodbye to Peyton in the stadium he built! I'm thankful that we are the winner "again" of the AFC South! I'm thankful that some of our wins were not pretty; however, they "were" wins that benefited the team!
  5. That pic is on Mike Chappel's twitter...
  6. I selected the "ignore" button on Quiz several months back. If you don't agree with a poster, the ignore button usually solves that problem.
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