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  1. They took out the ability to import players from ncaa this year
  2. He'd certainly bring some leadership but he's kinda up there in age. If he signs a vet minimium then I'm all for trying it.
  3. Hey can you email my email addres i used to register to coltsfan9318@gmail.com i forgot to right it down
  4. We would love to have more members for our fantasy football league. If you're interested email me at coltsfan9318@gmail.com
  5. Wait Garcon caught a good pass?? Jk. But honestly I hope RG3 does well too. It'd make a heck of a storyline if a few years down the road RG3's Redskins and Luck's Colts faced each other in a Superbowl.
  6. I'm just hyped to see Luck take the field with the new offense. I have no idea what to expect since I'm 18 this is the first time I've been through this. I'm sure it'll take time and they'll be plenty of hiccups but I think this team's being built right.
  7. No i didnt see Brady and yes Peyton was off on 2 throws out of 7. I just don't feel good about that. Don't get me wrong i'd love to see Peyton win another Superbowl. Does anyone know how RG3 did? This is gonna be an exciting year.
  8. Ok so let me start by saying that I support Luck 100% and wanted him over any other option besides Peyton. Anyway, my question is, if Peyton plays like a shell of himself, RG3 turns out to be a sub par QB, and Luck appears to be just decent, would you be happy for the short term? I don't know if anyone watched the Broncos play last night but IMHO Peyton looked bad. Granted he hasn't played since 10'. But 4-7 with one completion sliding through a defenders hands and another pass picked in one drive. Your thoughts?
  9. 1. Curtis Painter 2. RG3 3.Eli 4.Fitzgerald 5.Brady jk 1.Luck 2.Peyton 3.Brady 4.Dalton 5.Schaub
  10. Only 3 teams have had the first and last picks and the colts are the first team ever to use both picks on a QB
  11. Ok so I know alot of people were upset about the Fleener pick. I for one liked it but, why in the world would we take another tight end the very next pick???? We have sooo many holes and we need to fill them not try to mimic the patriots
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