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  1. I'm a big FSU and CFB fan so I'll keep my on these prospects as well as the ones for FSU
  2. Really interesting IMO. Wanted to give Hughes one more year but like a previous poster said writing was on the wall. Kinda like Kelvin Sheppard though...
  3. McShay actually had Khalid Holmes as our best pick and Hugh Thornton as our questionable pick if you believe that lol
  4. For overall I give it a B+ Like I said I belive Werner Thornton and Boyett are awesome picks. Love Williams as well. Not so sold on Holmes and Hughes YET! But overall I liked it.
  5. Werner will rotate in and be starting by Mid-Season Thorton will start Montori will rotate Williams start at KR Boyet starter in two years max imo
  6. Dion Jordan to Miami wow good pick for them.
  7. wow this thread has been a GREAT read so far!
  8. i really want cruz man! he worth the 24th pick,,,
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