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  1. Wasn't nothing going on in here and other forums in the early hours last night, so I went to youtube and spent around 3 hours till 4am and watch all the vids of A.Luck last year and all the pre A.Luck being drafted opinions and last season after games comments I could find and all the First Take about A.Luck and nonsense from mainly Skip and he was spewing and all the things he liked about BobbyG was the same thing mentioned by Stephen A. and skip blew it off like it didn't matter and even when StephenA. rebutted Skip with facts Skip would come back with his feeling of BobbyGs "it" factor. It was the biggest comedy vids I have ever seen. Skip is funny..... A day after the draft Skip hated and was very vocal and animated of the Skins drafted K.Cousins and how it was going to affect BobbyGs confidence and Stephen came back if he is so great and should have been the #1 as you say Skip than a 4th round pick QB should be no competition. We know now if they didn't draft K.Cousins and his maturity and skill he showed the Skins would have finished 8-8. One guy who hated A.Luck and kept say "WOW" all the time A.Luck did something and all his vids and account I couldn't find anymore so he either got kicked off and account suspended and because of his hatred or he did it himself, I bet he got kicked off and account suspended, but he was funny to watch and listen too on his rant about A.Luck!!!!! Go Colts!!!!!
  2. LockeDown that was a great break down..... The question was, is Fox too conservative in his play calling to win a SB? My question is what about Pagano? He was gone most of the season in his 1st HC job and with little seen, so is he a conservative play caller or will he call plays with some nads????? When Caldwell was HC "he shouldn't have been" and every time they showed him on the sideline he had a confused look on his face, I don't want that look ever on a sideline for fans and the players to see!!!!! Go Colts!!!!!
  3. This thread should have died after every posted NO, it was ridiculous to even mention or thought of. If the question was instead to trade anybody from the Colts it would be to a team the Colts wouldn't face for a long time due to the rotation of the teams the Colts will play year in year out and a team in the NFC with no chance to be in the playoffs, Colts don't need to trade a player of his potential to ANY AFC teams who the Colts could play in the playoffs. Go Colts!!!!!
  4. lanscolt quote: I think we win both I hope but I'm also talking from a due hard colts fan point of view. ^^^^^ This is our forums say anything you want. Go Colts!!!!!
  5. We all will have to see how Bjoern Werner and Kerwynn Williams turn out, since only 2 colts from the draft were mentioned compared to 4 Texans and it sounds like they are trying to make a strong case for Texans and his ending comment was "many consider a legitimate Super Bowl contender" as he mentioned in his DeAndre Hopkins break down, Texans were hyped by many and those that did can't be wrong so the hype continues "BUT" Texans still have Shaub as QB and that's their Achilles heal. None of the other Colts draft picks were mentioned so they must be pre-considered busts or the least average or below. Will be an interesting season and even more so than last, there is more expectations from more fans this time :} Go Colts!!!!!
  6. I think they should put that * fan face who all made up like the emblem that's on the sidelide at home games where the other one is on the new one, that would be hilarious, can anybody with photoshop do that? :}LOL
  7. Better? or Worse? Both in different era's so getting in an argument back and forth over that is waste of time. IMHO.....
  8. That is what stood out last year for me was the interception at the Detroit game and the first of his career, so he'll have that up on Mr.Freeney and Mr.Mathis got 8 sacks last year so getting 9 is a strong possibility, even if he doesn't he will the next year unless he has a major career end injury he'll finish up with more sacks than Mr.Freeney and retire as a Colt without a 1 day contract :} Go Colts!!!!!
  9. Ilajana< that kid has had some bad luck, tearing ACL then coming back and tearing it again right after cleared by doctors on a non contact drill, put him on PS since nobody else will take a chance on him and let him maybe earn a spot. Just sad about his bad luck.
  10. The QB is the heart of the team, with that being said, the second most important is not one person it's the group of o-line players I know defensive guys/fans will say otherwise so I will compromise and say they are equal, and as everybody know who's a Colts fan on this forum knows the o-line was horrible and the worst in the entire league last season that has been improved as all Colts fans know on this forum with FA acquisitions and 2 from the draft and the o-line. I will say that the line is better! How much better actually that will have to be determined at the end of the reg season, but we all know that sacks will be down! Holes will now be opened and a second or 2 seconds will be added depending on the D that is faced will give the heart of the team "The QB" that extra precious time he needs to see all the reads and get that offensive eligible receiver the ball to advance the line of scrimmage, And add the bonus A.Luck can run too if need be or a play set up for a planned run! And less INT's and unforced and forced fumbles will also decline. I see the o-line better and around 15th from I believe from the 32nd ranked o-line from last season and that alone will spark the whole team advancing the ball and breaths fire into the defense and gives them a rest to stop the opposing teams drives.....I see the defense with great rotation around mid league too or better..... ^^^^^ IMHO :} Hurry up season!!!!! Go Colts!!!!!
  11. You can't protect these kids from themselves.....
  12. Oh no he's not a bust by any means, at Stanford he looked dominate on the field, it maybe just my opinion, but he looked not as much with the Arians offense and might be opening himself up to a huge hit, but after a year he's going to be extremely confident with his abilities and also returning to the PepH. offense and will excel, I just have that faith in him..... Go Colts!!!!! Please C.Fleener no more jack hammer TD celebrations :}LOL
  13. Coby Fleener did look like he was scared out there, that is not bashing him, it was the truth, he looked really uncomfortable and looked better when he made that TD running up the side line, he just didn't like going into the middle at any time.... Go Colts!!!!!
  14. Well I read through the PUP rules and the IR rules earlier, didn't think to go through the PS rules tonight, oh well to late to do it now, I'm bushed going to bed, disregard that post. I'm just going to sit back and watch what happens anything on here is from any fans without confirmation is just pure speculation anyway till the organization says otherwise on what they decide and say are the final 53 player roster on the deadline and then who's on PUP/IR/PS. It will be interesting the final selection, going to be some hard choices and some fans feelings hurt when who they like gets cut..... Go Colts.....
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