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  1. I have lived in Indianapolis my whole life and nothing this team does surprises me anymore. The oh sh%t.. I can't believe they cut him reaction passed years ago. The NFL is a business.. nothing more.
  2. People have a bad taste in there mouth about Caldwell for a long time because he wasn't entertaining enough for them.. still to this day it makes me laugh. I didn't know a coaches job was to entertain the crowd. He was a good coach his entire time here..he made history his first time out as HC and got cut because he took the blame for sorry QB's.. Poor GM and beat up team. Plain and simple. The Ravens had enough common sense to see what a talent he was.. and now he has 2 rings to wear. GOOD JOB JIM!!!!.... Yeah.. he is teeerrribbble..... lol
  3. Congratulations to the Ravens... I love when I can see deserving players and coaches get a ring.
  4. The short passes will help build his accuracy and hopefully bring down his interceptions.
  5. Jim Harbaugh: (49ers HC) Former Colts QB 1994 - 1997 Jim Caldwell: (Ravens OC) Former Colts QC - HC 2002 - 2011
  6. I hope he walks away from his last game with another ring.. he deserves it.
  7. Felt good to see the pats lose... be even better to see Ray Lewis holding up the Lombardi trophy!!..
  8. So.. Basically your saying Luck bears no fault at all?
  9. He has had both of those this year work in his favor in some games and still has been inaccurate.. who's fault is that??..
  10. Luck is strong and is fast for a QB.. but he has thrown many passes that where way off target this year..(Interceptions).. even when he has had time to throw. I know it's blasphemy to speak that way of Luck in here to most.. but it's the truth.
  11. Bad WR and O-line play.. and Luck's accuracy needs improvement.
  12. I agree.. the Colts did better this season than I expected. Hate that we loss.. but I'm happy to see Ray Lewis go out the way he did.
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