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  1. Off subjest why in the HECK did you play basketball in boots...lol
  2. Everybody on hear knows if they seen my posts i always defend this coaching staff and RG3. This post I cannot. They are reporting on a local sports radio show Kevin and Rock (DC PEOPLE MAY KNOW THEM)they have a source inside redskins park that told them initially on the Haloti Ngata hit he did sprain his LCL but when he came back in the game he sprained his ACL as well. The Shanahans Snyder RG3 and select others kept it secret and let him play. Our whole future was put on the shoulders of this kid and you risk his career for a few wins? Im so livid as a fan right now it's unreal. Im also hearing from a buddy that knows players and some front office staff the the new injury thats being reported a slight mcl and acl tear is much worse that its a complete tear of both and he most likely will miss all of the 2013 season. I forgot to add that Dr Andrews is gonna have to do a surgery just to see how bad it is....Then weeks later do the surgery to fix the ACL and MCL so RG3 will need 2 surgeries. Another problem is this is his second time tearing that same ACL EDIT: I just read through all posts....RGIII- Im hearing his PCL is fine so thats a little good news
  3. I hate the cowboys but you are wrong here. Being the Qb for the Dallas Cowboys is alot more demanding and stressfull then being the QB of most teams. If they lose he gets hammered. It wasnt his fault they lost Sunday how about the Defense getting gashed on the ground. He was the reason they had a shot at the division not the problem. I hate that your making me defend Romo...lol
  4. There is nothing wrong what he said. Some Colts fan on this board are just looking for flaws in RG3. He was being humble. You see it every game opposing Qb's and opposing coaches talking to each other after games. Im sure Luck has done it but he wasnt mic'd up so we don't know what he said.
  5. Ray Lewis just told teammates he's retiring after this season according to Adam Shefter
  6. Seattle is gonna be tough but they are terrible on the road there record was 3-5 on the road this season. There defensive weakness which they dont have much of a weakness is down the middle of the field which is where the redskins love to attack and is there strong point on offense. Quick WR's like Garcon and Moss are what gives there big physical corners fits. I think Washington will upset them. Another stat I saw was posted on the seahawks message board and is a huge concern with there fanbase apparently they also play horrible not just on the road but on real grass fields they had the statistic on there board saying there offense scores 7 points less average on grass and there defense on average gives up 10 more points a game. They are also lifetime in the playoffs 1-11 on the road.
  7. He always drools over Cam Newton so what about the Panthers? I was Surprised they fired Rivera with the strong ending to the season the Panthers had.
  8. I'll Give credit where credit is due...That was a statement win congrats.....Huge win and that was an awesome win for Chuck Pagano...AWESOME STORY. I gave you hell about not beating any good teams You beat a really good team today. AGAIN CONGRATS.
  9. Your definately wrong I just saw on NFL live Shlereth and Bruschi picked the skins. Offcourse some people have picked dallas. CBS sports expert picks 09 out of 12 experts picked the skins.
  10. Thats easy the detroit lions with Matthew Stafford has run it the past 2 weeks.
  11. The Pistol is a formation not an offense....The WR our still running Shanahans route tree the progressions our still the same...And the running game is the exact same ZONE BLOCKING SCHEME the only difference is RG3 is in the pistol instead of under center. He makes all the reads its not a firs read offense most on here think. If the first option is wide open why the hell wouldnt you throw to it? The only gimmicky thing they run is triple option and since the concussion they have maybe one it once a game sometimes none. They only ran the zone read option like 3 times in the past games. So its not a stretch he is running the same exact offense as Elway.
  12. Just a mis-informed fan. I also hate when people say we are running the Baylor offense. Heres a great article explaining what the redskins, 49ers seahawks run isn't a gimick offense and will be the new way offenses run in the NFL. People said the same thing about shotgun formation. This isnt the wildcat. http://www.sbnation.com/longform/2012/12/27/3792740/pistol-offense-nfl-redskins-rg3
  13. Because you never needed one you had the Iron man as your QB...He is 4-5 wins better then a decent qb.I think Luck is good I just think RG3 gets hated on by certain individuals on here. They say he's only gonna last 2-3 years and they bring up flaws. Who's to say Andrew Luck wont only be around for only 2-3 seasons? Thats all I'm getting at. All the INT's and completion % should be a concern. The comebacks are great but what if they are just an aberation this season? I mean look how great Eli was at coming back last year. This year not so much and he's been terrible. Do I personally think Luck will only be around 2-3 years. HELL NO but it could happen to him just as easily as RG3.
  14. No i brought up the fact that people bring up the fools gold 2-14 team you had last year. If Peyton plays you win 10+ games. If you had a decent backup you would have won 6-7 games. People use last years 2-14 team as an argument to why Luck is so great because he flipped the Colts from worst to first. When by far what RG3 is doing in Washington taking a 20 year bottom feeder and making them relivent is more incredible.
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