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  1. I hope i'm wrong, but sadly i don't think we make the playoffs unless #18 suits up monday night. It's all great and dandy that a team showed up against pittsburgh but i'm less than optimistic about what we will see against Tampa. It's always been that way except PEYTON MANNING could outscore anyone if he had the ball and time on the clock. Ask Bill. Curtis Painter needs a haircut, a good pencil, and a notepad. Maybe he could become an artist. I swear Addai has to be ticked off at how little respect he has received and the Oline must be the same on that scoring drive. Painter led that
  2. Most accurate kicker ever? I think maybe? Someone with more time should look it up. He definately belongs in the HOF. I'll take all replies with a grain of Curtis Painter
  3. Listen Curtis,, i mean Smitto, i hope you are right. There is absolutely 0 evidence that Painter is getting better. ZERO! I'll give him one game and if he does ok i'll continue it on a one game basis. It's his to take, he has just failed miserably in getting it done. The td drive thing still makes me laugh. I'm sure Addai isn't
  4. So Painter is the savior? I'm telling you this guy is a flop, he's proved it time and time again. I expected a whole lot more from Collins and possibly he needs more time. Painter is not in the same boat, we ran it down pitts throats all game, why let Painter make a fool out of himself again? He didn't just shank the td he also bounced a couple ten feet in front of open receivers. I will be the first to eat crow, if i'm right it's time for Painter to fade off into the sunset.
  5. So if Painter starts and performs like he is destined to do, what next? No excuses if he starts
  6. Painter didn't lead any td drive. That was all Addai! The coaches can take some heat over letting Painter throw the ball when our run game was doing great, but in the end the fumble and missed little league pass cost us the game. Does Painter know that he can't skip the ball to the receivers, no really, does he
  7. That was a great throw to Garcon for that td, oh wait..........
  8. My 7yr. old kid has a stronger arm! He is terrible.
  9. I'm guessing that HGH didn't work or the was the league bringing too much heat?
  10. This does not impress me and frankly i don't care if he ever plays again. Maybe he could eat a steady diet of fetus as well
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