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  1. Den 24 Balt 13 NE 28 Hou 14 GB 23 SF 20 Atl 20 Sea 10
  2. As an African-American, I didn't find what he said offensive at all and actually...funny because most of the black population feels the same way he does about RG3. Should he have said it on ESPN? Ehh, no. On BET, yes! Nothing against RG3. Can you really say most agree w Parker? The opinions, articles and comments from others I heard disagreed. Probably the truth lies somewhere in between but saying "most" agree Is more likely very inaccurate.
  3. It did. Possible PCL tear is the latest rumor.
  4. agree with the closer game suggestions. I say 24-13 Pats.
  5. rumor alert but supposedly it is an MCL tear as well. Not confirmed yet however.
  6. Some of the anti RG3 sentiment in this thread is pretty comical.
  7. There is nothing wrong what he said. Some Colts fan on this board are just looking for flaws in RG3. He was being humble. You see it every game opposing Qb's and opposing coaches talking to each other after games. Im sure Luck has done it but he wasnt mic'd up so we don't know what he said. Well put
  8. I think it is footballousiders that mentioned the impact AP has had compares to that of Jim Brown. That is not discrediting anyone else. Just recognizing the merits of his performance this year.
  9. Agree other than Manning over AP for MVP. Manning has been brilliant but the offensive production that AP demonstrated this year was historic.
  10. MVP:Adrian PetersonPeyton ManningTom BradyAaron RodgersJJ WattOROY:WilsonRG3LuckMorrisMartin Can really see Wilson getting it as well. Remarkable how 3 Rookie QB's have lead their teams to the playoffs
  11. Start with MVP and Rookie of the Year MVP 1. AP 2. Manning 3. Brady 4. Rodgers 5. Watt ROY 1. RG3 2. Luck 3. Wilson 4. Morris 5. Martin
  12. I'm not sure if that means he's safe or not. Nothing has been released one way or the other. He was fired according to schefter. Just saw it a minute ago
  13. It will be interesting to see if Cousins is traded or not. I could see the case for keeping him but say a team offers a first round pick
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