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  1. we could have given him the opportunity to look around find the team he wants to go to and make a deal with that team.
  2. I know this is late and everything but we cut Manning... We could have gotten a few good picks for him why didn't we do that
  3. I would like to see Satele or Shipley get a shot at Guard cuz the situation cant get any worse the way it is now
  4. Im glad we did i still wanna see what he can do
  5. They put him on IR so we will have him back next year But its better then him floating around on FA
  6. I dont think the fins are keeping long they drafted martin in the 2nd round cuz long is making too much but i could be wrong ive heard hes on the trade block
  7. I love Collie he is a very good WR he works hard and loves the game but i think the best thing for him is he needs to hang up the pads and relize if i keep playing it is ganna kill me he has 4 head injuries now and each one will be easier to get then the last who knows how many more are to come.
  8. Im 100% with you i think it was the right move to sit them and NY was trying everything to get to manning They were sending a 7 man blitz at him for a better part of the time he was out there. If manning were to be hurt in that game we would have Painter trying to lead us in the playoffs
  9. Addison Jerry Brown Griff Whalen Brazill Hughes Freeman Greg Lloyd Harnish Ballard
  10. I like whalen He almost a young collie they are the same speed both catch about the same both cluch players same size whats not to like about him
  11. Im starting to like this guy even more after today. He looked like he left every thing on the feild and worked his butt off on every play. He played well on D and jumped a man on SP he is a hard worker, and that could pay off from a guy like him. I hope to see him on the 53 man roster or atleast on the PS
  12. His Fit here could be effected by those actions he made in another state/team because of the locker room and team image so even though he smacked his wife.. with his head it dose pose a bit of a problem for his fitting on this team
  13. I think its 3 homes cuz gigure was there for 3 years so was taj smith
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