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  1. I watched him in his preseason games and its like, it doesn't matter how well he is positioned, it like he is always 1 cm from deflecting or one fingertip from making a play. The QBs are picking on him, but they shouldn't, but they are, and its like they are putting in in the perfect spot for the wr he is covering. Anybody agree. Even tough yards are racking up on the dude. I still can't really say is because of bad play on his part. I don't know how you can cover too much better than he does, on all the big plays that are made on him. Tough start for a rookie.
  2. I would be soo happy if the draft fell this way. Demarcus walker is a beast. I can live I guess with Baker. And Yeah, I take back what I said about foster. You have to get that guy. He is definitely even worth trading up for. But yeah, we need that guy on our D.
  3. I don't see what's so special about either corner either. I agree with a lot of your analysis, so I'm wondering how he got a 82/100. He's more like a 74/100. They are average at everthing, so that would have them project to 2nd or 3rd rounders. I'ts also more difficult to scout these db on these top 15 ranked, defense heavy ranked teams. They really don't get targeted much. Sidney go targeted a lot so you get a lot examples of how he can interfere with a pass or make a play. These CB may have entered into a comfort zone because of he overall help on he defense. Kind of
  4. Do him next. I don't need credit for these, but I want to go through all the CB. Maybe you can help.
  5. Okay, So Cornerback Scouting is my specialty. http://draftbreakdown.com/video/adoree-jackson-vs-notre-dame-2016-2/ http://draftbreakdown.com/video/adoree-jackson-vs-alabama-2016/ Okay, The Washington game was his worst game, and he still did pretty darn good. Adoree Jackson, Let go through the long string of positives. Extremely Fluid Hips NFL caliber field awareness (in that he always knows what is going on, on the entire field. Maybe because he plays so much offense) Strong jam at the line. Great anticipation of th
  6. Dude, You guys really need to Watch Adoree Jacksons games. This dude is a Certified First Rounder. I don't know why he's not the no. 2 corner. I watched Sidney's games and he is great, but everything he can do, Adoree can do, and everything he Doesn't do (Tackle) Jackson can do. I watched 6 games and saw this guy hawk 4 dudes on busted defensive plays and stop em before the touchdown. He is a fearless tackler and has EXTREMELY GOOD field awareness. His hips are very fluid. His only real flaw is he doesn't react to curls and hitches very well, but he makes th
  7. Okay. So, This guy is hard to scout, because his biggest problem is that he is 1 dimensional. His 2nd biggest problem is he has low field awareness. And his only other problem, is he has very little initiative to get involved in the run. And that's it. I was ready to call this dude terrible after watching the Texas Tech Game http://draftbreakdown.com/video/jordan-willis-vs-texas-tech-2016/ I was thinking, how is it that this guy runs a 4.5. He looked slow off the snap and again all I really saw were his negatives. Then I watched the Stanford Game http://draf
  8. Damn. Well, we have Luck on our side. Jacksonville is a cursed team. I think the entire NFL has spies and know exactly what he is being offered lol. But hey, we can get Jonathan Hankins. If we can get one of these two and get demarcus walker in the draft 2nd round...OMG. I'd be surprised if we have more than 4 100 yard rushers next year.
  9. He's gonna sign for the team that offers the most. I think of the 3 teams, we have the largest cap space right? Or am I wrong?
  10. I think most NFL teams have learned to disregard NFL combine about 3-4 ago. Suggs ran a 4.8 Anquan Boldin Ran a 4.8 Richard Sherman ran a 4.6 Marcus allen probably ran a 4.7 and so did Jerry Rice. Meanwhile, Clowney is a giant and ran a low 4.53 and hasn't gotten 10 sacks yet. Many of the Shutdown corners are 4.5 guys. The combine should just be a measure to make sure they players didn't get all fat and out of shape after the college season ended.
  11. Well, its not run stuffing, it a complete avoidance of the runner. I saw him hit a guy on a busted flea flicker pretty square and knocked the ball loose. But I saw about 5 times when there was a good chance the runner could break free or avoid a tackle by his teammate, he would literally stop and just look. LITERALLY. You can't do that in the NFL.
  12. All the things he does, plus getting involved on tackles. Look like a guy you don't have to worry about getting burnt....BUT, getting overpowered, that may be his weakness. Its rare to have a player good at everything. That's what he isn't good at. HE has that Dion Sanders Syndrome, where he don't wanna get hurt so hes not tackling that RB if he doesn't have to.
  13. Meh. I just watch a few tapes of this kid. HE IS SOFT AS TOILET PAPER. He never want to get an any tackles. Does a good job jamming, but he looks pretty weak there to. Obviously he has the skills to mirror his guys, but he might be bullied big time by heftier recievers. I wouldn't put him on my the opposing no 1 receiver till he hits the weight rooms and gets the cobwebs shook out. But his coverage is pretty tight.
  14. If you watch the games, you can see he can easily play that role if needed. He moved all across the line, even in 3-4 right above the center. That's versatility you cant coach.
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