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  1. Ive been a huge Colts fan since i could comprehend football, but i live an hour south of Denver. My 21st bday was actually august 3rd, so my dad managed to get some mid level seats for the Colts Broncos game week 1! Its my bday present but damn that's gunna be so sick to be there
  2. Yeah true that. Oh well I guess we will see. Especially if Toler goes down to injury midseason again.
  3. Yeah Gordy played well in both the games against the Chiefs last year. But I think Purifoy's ceiling is higher than Gordy's. I do like the swagger, for lack of a better word, Gordy plays with though. Should be interesting to see how it plays out the next two years. Can't forget Sheldon Price, he wasn't a bad corner at UCLA.
  4. Il bet Purifoy replaces Toler when his contract is up. He seems like hes getting better with each practice.
  5. Nice. I didnt get the game live so I recorded it and watching it now actually
  6. Andy played inside?? I made a thread last year saying how he looks like he has good build to be an inside backer. Wierd
  7. Hahahahaha oh my. I dont even know what to say about this thread hahahahah
  8. Grandma got run over by a reindeer? I hope you're referring to Hot Rod
  9. I'm having a hard time undrrstanding how people think we overpaid him. Look at what some of these safeties are getting. And we gave him 6 million for coming off a pro bowl year? I think he'll do fine this year
  10. Oh yeahh? And just howwell do you think he'll do? ;) hahahah jk! My attempt at being punny
  11. Another wide receiver in the 10-19 range
  12. Lol and the video didnt even show his one real highlight imo. When he hit brian hartline back in week 2, he looked like vintage Landry to me.
  13. Apparently sanders' agent agreed to terms with KC. then scheduled a meeting with the bucs, another with the 49ers but the agent blew them off completely. This agent was banned in 2003, and just reinstated recently. Apparently there is some investigation going on with the whole ordeal. There is an article on Bleacher Report about it.
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