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  1. Not really relevant but living and working in Indy I have served castonzo and his girlfriend and I can tell you they are one of the most intelligent,down to earth couples I have ever met in my life ! Good peeps
  2. bethea is wishy washy ? Try one the more consistent safety's in the league
  3. waitresses are not dancers or escorts most are beatiful people who have to deal *rs sexual harrasein them at work
  4. yes because the quicker you burn the oxygen out of the air the quicker the fire goes out !!!! O wait...
  5. I would an elite LT over an elite WR of equal talent. on the basis that if your qb Dosent have enough time to throw it Dosent matter how elite your Wideouts are .
  6. staring for chi towns oline isn't exactly somthing I would put on my resume
  7. I wast aware making a homosexual joke was a "rip" seems more of "ignorance to me.
  8. my point was why upgrade LT when we have a more glaring need at both G spots and C . Especially wen AC and been making consistent improvement year to year
  9. he hasn't improved at all ? I disagree he hasn't been A top 5 LT but he has been solid. He will get better once the interior line is fixed
  10. We don't have a first rounder anyways .
  11. only heard of ? surprised you haven't met one of "us" yet ...
  12. The pats fourm is two doors Dow on the right . No one here cares about the patriots and BC . Quit trolling us every post you make somehow always points out how a) the colts suck b) patriots rule and c) Ermg Tom Brady .
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