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  1. Grew up watching Unitas, then Bert Jones....then the move to Indy, and then Peyton...always a Colt fan......never an Irsay fan!
  2. The leadership and nucleus of the team is gone....playoffs are ways off. Like to be wrong, but its reality...give it some time.
  3. Stay tuned...he is throwing for the Broncos today......we all know how Peyton prepares. If he wasnt sure of his abilities / health...the Broncos would not be landing in NC within the next few minutes to witness his talent....He will be ready, dangerous to opponents and looking to win games.....our loss!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Take a look at this past years record...it will repeat itself for the next couple of years.....LIKE FATHER LIKE SON!!!! Nice move Irsay...by letting everyone go will only make the Colts the laughing stock of the NFL!!! Born in Baltimore I have been a loyal fan through the good times and bad, including the move out of Baltimore...I will still follow the Colts but you better believe if and when Peyton comes back to play the Colts I will enjoy the whipping he will inflict....I feel bad for the city of Indy.
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