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  1. That is not my understanding of the 3-4. However...my guess is that you'll see Arthur Jones on the field a lot at NT and at DE. RJF JONES REDDING or JONES CHAPMAN REDDING depending on the down.
  2. Over Redding? Considering Cory had double the production of RJF, I find that hard to believe.
  3. Free agency is a whopping 4 days old now and we are worried about our pickups so far? C'mon man. Costa was signed at back-up money. It's a long offseason. Let's revisit in June.
  4. As expected, the Browns will take our first round gift to them and set it on fire.
  5. He's just mad someone used his own play against him.
  6. Well at least it won't be an obvious mistake. What we have in Donald Brown is a guy that can sometimes get a good enough block to break off a big run, but has less rushing yards than Russel Wilson and can't block to save his life. Richardson and Ballard is not a bad combo. We don't need him.
  7. I don't know how realistic the FA signings are, but please get McGlynn as far away from Indy as possible. I also think Vinny's production is replaceable for way less.
  8. And he was only "good" by Donald Brown standards. He ran for less yards than Russel Wilson. Richardson and Ballard will be a fine combo. I would like to see us draft De'Anthony Thomas as a change of pace kind of back.
  9. If we signed Plaxico, we'd be shooting ourselves in the leg. That never gets old.
  10. This is when I knew that this post was just a joke due to boredom.
  11. I got to sit in the front row directly behind the Colts bench at the Titans/Colts game in Nashville. I wore every piece of Colts gear that I could throw on. The Titans fans were mostly fine. A couple of times I'd hear them heckle the bench, mostly about Andrew Luck's facial features. I got a couple snarky comments when we were down, but I got a chance to be really loud during the comeback. The nicest part about it was I wasn't alone. I had Colts fans sprinkled all around me. In fact, my car broke down in Louisville KY at a rest stop and I got some Colts fans to give me a jump. They were headed to Nashville for the game as well. Colts fans stick together it seems! Proud to be apart of this fanbase.
  12. Laron tweeted that he'd be ready for the game next week. He must have some insider information.
  13. Good man to man corner, gets physical at the LOS. Undersized, but he's got a lot of game in him. Probably a special teamer, but depending on his development...not any worse than Josh Gordy.
  14. I like the Ricardo Allen pick. I watched that guy every Saturday at Purdue for the past 3 years. Awesome player.
  16. I've noticed Werner a lot more recently with the swatted passes and the couple sacks here in recent games. Seems to be progressing!
  17. Holmes was solid at guard from the plays I saw he was in on. He was later moved to Center when #8 came in I believe.
  18. I think we value the term "1st round pick" too much and associate it with the likes of Andrew Luck value as opposed to Kyle Long value. Immediate game-changing impact vs long term team improvement. People on this board want someone that is a complete game changer and want them to produce huge numbers right away. They don't consider the long term or what that player might do for the overall team. Trent had 950 yards last season and missed time. That's still better than anyone on our roster not named Bradshaw performed last season. So based on the small sample size, I like Trent better than the potential of a late round guy in a relatively weak draft class. Another thing to note is that we will probably be more stingy with our draft picks when we have less cap room. But for now, I think the mentality is that we can sign quality FA's for short contracts if we have holes to fill due to our $30 mill (roughly?) I will be interested to see what Trent looks like after a full off-season with the Colts and hopefully an improved offensive line.
  19. It's done. It happened. Are we going to have to endure posts whining about the trade for years to come and what "could have been" with whoever the Browns whiff on this next year? Your GM skills in Madden 25 might not translate to the real world, so just relax and let it be. If it's a mistake, fine. Colts aren't the first or the last to make a mistake. If you need to feel better about it, look at the price tag on the RG3rd String trade. It's all relative.
  20. You mean the Texans Defense that is ranked 4th overall in total defense?
  21. You know what's funny? Everyone is giving the Colts FO a hard time for giving up a 1st round pick for T Rich and complaining about production. However, the Colts used a 1st round pick on Donald Brown and everyone seems to be enamored with him in the media. I don't know about you...but i'm still waiting on that "1st round" production 5 seasons later from Donald. I'm not saying it was a great move to get Trent...but I see the upside with how well he catches passes and he's tough to bring down when he gets a clear path. We are getting hot at the right time.
  22. Not saying they deserved to win. But they were given free points and we had an opportunity denied to score. You don't know what would have been the outcome if that play stood and we did happen to score. These things can change a gameplan. Just putting it out there. Food for thought. It wasn't like we got completely blown out.
  23. A voided game is pretty laughable. But to say that the play costed the Colts the game isn't a stretch. It awarded the Bengals an undeserved touchdown and denied the Colts an opportunity to make a drive to score. The Bengals only won by 14 points.. If the play stands and the Colts use that drive to score...that 14 point deficit is a wash and it's a whole new ball game.
  24. I think people are freaking out way too much. 2 years ago we had Curtis Painter under center and we had a massive changeover on the roster and the FO staff. We still have a winning record and we are about to be in the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row after said overhaul. Injuries have plagued the Colts. Wayne, Thomas, Ballard, Allen, Bradshaw and Toler missing time...those losses certainly don't help. Bottom line, I think Grigson has done a great job. I am still a fan of the T Rich trade. Blast away. I'm waiting until he has a decent line to run behind before I demand anyone's head. Look at our other RB's stats and tell me it's Richardson and not the O-line. They are actually starting to use him how he should be used, off the tackle and in the screen pass. Pagano, I'm sure he has a vision of what he wants to see but he is forcing it without the proper personnel on the offensive line. The goal this offseason should include buying an interior offensive line by any means, drafting or buying a pass rush because we have ZERO and drafting WR/DB talent. There are holes everywhere on the roster and we don't have the depth to cover them all. It's going to take more than two years to get to the Super Bowl, but I don't see how anyone can really complain about the turnaround time. Talk to a Dolphin's fan about that and see if you get any sympathy.
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