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  1. Interesting but pointless. Too many things can happen in the course of a year.
  2. I no longer have to cringe when the Colts have 3rd and short yardage.
  3. I think Luck will in time. This is his first practice.
  4. Veteran presence can never be underestimated especially with a lot of young guys coming in.
  5. I would rather take my chances with Freeney. If it does not pan out, he is a free agent next year and we part ways. Funny thing is if we would have traded Freeney, the same people wanting to trade him would have pulled out the pitchforks screaming that we never gave him a chance to show what he could do in a new system.
  6. Really? I am not sure what you have been hearing. Polian: “I can’t get used to hearing ‘Colts outside linebacker Dwight Freeney.’ Tell me what the new defense is going to ask you to do, how you think you are going to be deployed and how you are viewing it and what you are looking forward to.” Freeney: “Yeah, it’s definitely something that I’m not used to hearing. But it’s going to be interesting and fun for me, Mathis' twitter account comes across as he and Dwight are fired up about this new defense.
  7. Even though it is real it still looks photoshopped because it is just...weird. Saw a little girl today walking around in a Broncos t-shirt with 18 and Manning on the back. My first thought was "Yep, here it goes." We are going to see so much Broncos stuff around Indy now when you would never see any before. Got to love the bandwagoners...
  8. I love the fact that we have an owner who talks to fans.
  9. Good point. I have and always will hate the Tampa "bend but don't break" 2. The coaching staff must like what they see in our DB's or they would have drafted more earlier IMO.
  10. Ding, ding, ding! You are correct! Please choose your category... I will take "Horrible defensive schemes that kill talent for $1000 Alex".
  11. Jim Irsay ‏ on Twitter "Busy Sunday getting undrafted Rookie contracts signed...Rookie Mini-Camp later in week...new guys leaning,solid everywhere..like a rock!"
  12. I don't see what is wrong with this pick? I don't see Brown, Carter, or Evans on anyone's Pro Bowl ballet. For him to be as good or better than any of these guys would not be that hard to do.
  13. DG1

    Blocking WRs

    Let the other guys block. I long for the day we see a speedster catching 60 yard bombs again just like M. Harrison did back in the day...good times...
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