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  1. Colts @ Broncos - L Eagles @ Colts - L Colts @ Jaguars - W Titans @ Colts - W Ravens @ Colts - W Colts @ Texans - W Bengals @ Colts - W Colts @ Steelers - L Colts @ Giants - W Patriots @ Colts - L Jaguars @ Colts - W Redskins @ Colts - L Colts @ Browns - W Texans @ Colts - W Colts @ Cowboys - W Colts @ Titans - W Record 11-5
  2. I said the same thing, nfl network said hes to small to play end and I dont think he would be the right size for our scheme. Hes great paired with brockers on the rams thats going to be a very nice D line
  3. Jake Matthews would have been great but Castanzo is not terrible, if Castanzo was able to play inside at guard then yea I like that pick a lot. Also I thought Donald was a 4-3 DT would he fit into our scheme, they said on nfl network he is to small to play end.
  4. In the game of football you need a running back to mix it up with the pass. say we were picking where "should have" in this draft and a rookie version of peterson, lynch, mccoy, charles, mjd, steven jax, gore, foster, forte, or even cj2k/ murray was available, would you take at least half of them with the pick we traded this year?
  5. RULES: - NO TRADING PICKS - NO DRAFTING A PLAYER THEN TRADING THEM - NO CLOWNEY, WATKINS, or MACK. They are who most people would have taken so make it interesting. I would have taken Calvin Pyror. I love his comparisons to a bigger non injury prone Bob Sanders. Watching tape on this guy it is so easy to fall in deep love with him. This person is so fun to watch he makes me consider watching jets games now. ( of course as long as the colts are not playing at the same time)
  6. Personally I would love it and from a business perspective, bringing a colt hero back for 1-2 more years would sell tickets and even jerseys. He would probably give the colts more revenue then his total contract would be worth. Bob Sanders will always be my favorite player to ever play in the nfl. Even if we signed him for a cheap back up role to help mentor the young guys I would be fine with that.
  7. I like bob, I miss him he was my favorite player. Maybe he still has something left from his DPOY season, you never know since he has not played in a very long time.
  8. Probably a very silly idea but if he can play FS and not get injured I would be fine giving him a look. His current Nfl status is "free agent" not retired so it seems to be a decent idea.
  9. We are a couple of pieces away from becoming a top contender, kruger or barwin would be nice. We dont NEED both but we need one I love our inside LBs but we need a young outside talent. DT is huge need and I dont think Terrance Knighton or Corey Williams will be brought back next year and they are both very talented DTs we could scoup up. I probably was a bit harsh with brazil but to me he just drops a lot. I would love a big name with wayne so wallace, jennings, or bowe would be greatly appreciated and we have the money so why not, Obviously Oline needs a Improvment and With jordan gross's age and payment amount I think he will be cut and a great scoup up along with the guard I stated. I stcik by what I said at CB as well sam shields and rasheem mathis would be two great additions and raheem may not cost much. I love ballard but if we could get Hillis cheap I dont think many would argue with me there.
  10. I know we will not be able to afford everybody on this list and some of this might be a little inaccurate but to my knowledge we have 47-52 but ive heard up to 60milion, for the sake of this article ill say 50mil this offseason and it should be spent smartly since every team required to actually spend 89 percent of the unadjusted cap number whatever that means. But quick roster check: QB: luck and Stanton RB:Vick Ballard, Donald Brown, Delone Carter, Robert Hughes deji karim, Mewelde Moore WR:Donnie Avery LaVon Brazill Austin Collie T.Y. Hilton Nathan Palmer ReggieWayne Griff Whalen TE: Dwayne Allen Coby Fleener Weslye Saunders C: Mike McGlynn Samson Satele A.Q. Shipley G : Seth Olsen Joe Reitz T: Anthony Castonzo Tony Hills Ben Ijalana Winston Justice Jeffrey Linkenbach Bradley Sowell DE: Clifton Geathers Lawrence Guy Fili Moala Cory Redding DT: Josh Chapman Kellen Heard Ricardo Mathews Brandon McKinney Drake Nevis NT: Antonio Johnson Martin Tevaseu LB: Pat Angerer Kavell Conner A.J. Edds Moise Fokou Jerrell Freeman Dwight Freeney Mario Harvey -----Justin Hickman Jerry Hughes Scott Lutrus Robert Mathis Jamaal Westerman CB: Darius Butler Vontae Davis Josh Gordy Jerraud Powers Cassius Vaughn teddy williams S: Antoine Bethea Sergio Brown Delano Howell Joe Lefeged Tom Zbikowski KPLS: Adam Vinatieri Pat McAfee Matt Overton That is alot of people, And now heres are teams F/a's: Donnie Avery, Darius Butler, Moise Fokou, Clifton Geathers, Josh Gordy, Mario Harvey, Justin Hickman. Tony Hills, Antonio Johnson, Winston Justice, Deji Karim, Jeff Linkenbach, Pat McAfee, Mewelde Moore, Matt Overton, Drew Stanton, Martin Tevaseu, Cassius Vaughn, Jamaal Westerman,A.Q Dwight Freeney. Austin Collie, Jerraud Powers, a.j adds. fili moala, joe reitiz, seth olsen Lets get my insight quick here with whom we should keep then ill post a list of all the notiable F/as that can help our team, ill ethir put DROP or the amount i think they should get: Avery (2yrs 4mil) Butler (2YRS 3MIL) Fokou (DROP) Cliftion (drop) Josh ( 1yr500k) Mario (DROP) Justin(DROP) Tony(DROP) Antonio (Paycut 1.5mil) Winston (demote to backup 1mil) Deji (keep for ST 500k) Jeff (drop) Pat (10mil 5yrs) Moore (DROP) Matt (keep 750k) Drew Stanton (drop nd bring up harnish from PS) Martin (drop) Cassius(DROP!) jammall (2yrs 1.5mil) A.Q (1yr 400k) Dwight ( Drop he'll cost to much, unless he comes back for 3milish) Collie (drop) Powers (15mil 4yrs) a.j (500k) Moala (2yrs5mil) joe (1yr600k) Seth(1yr400k) These signings add up to about 16mil Also kill the contracts of: D.brown, brazil, & williams gives $2.5 extra and i know this is gonna hurt but drop adam V. and that will free up another 2mil for a total of 4.5 saved, lets getta rookie kicker ive seen great success with rookie kickers this year. $36.5 to spend on F/a's heres a list of whats needed after resignings and drops: All postions needed 1-2 W/r (1 starter and backup) - 1OT( decent starter) 1OG (we should just have a good starter) NT (a real one to stop the run) 1-2CB( good ones) 1ROLB (starter) 1-2 inside LB( one to start) 1RB (maybe a good one) Notable F/a's per postion RB's--- Peyton Hillis Chris Ivory Rashard Mendenhall Javon Ringer W/R--- bowe or jennings Mike Wallace Devery Henderson Domenik Hixon Emmanuel Sanders victor cruz OT-----Long, clady, or brandon Albert Sam Baker Jermon Bushrod Jason Smith Center----Todd McClure Jeff Faine Gaurds- Chilo Rachal or Andy Levitre Louis Vasquez Brandon Moore DL - Henry Melton Terrance Knighton Randy Starks Alan Branch Jason Jones Israel Idonije Corey Williams Shaun Cody Sedrick Ellis Isaac Sopoaga DL Trevor Scott LB's--Paul Kruger Connor Barwin rey Maualuga Paris Lenon Daryl Smith Erin Henderson Frank Zombo Keith Rivers Larry Foote Shaun Phillips DeAndre Levy DB's- DRC, Pat chung, Leodis McKelvin Jairus Byrd Sam Shields Rashean Mathis Derek Cox Aqib Talib Stevie Brown Antoine Cason Kyle Arrington Tracy Porter Mike Jenkins Charlie Peprah Cary Williams D.J. Moore PEOPLE WHO COULD BE CUT BY OTHER TEAMS DUE TO CAP PROBLEMS AND WHAT THIER EXPECTED TO BE PAID IN 2013: DL--- Jonathan Babineaux($6mil) Ray Edwards(6mil), DL Domata Peko ($3.7) DL Elvis Dumervil ($12)DL Antonio Smith ($6)DL Tyson Jackson ($14.72)DL Tommy Kelly ($6.5)DL Will Smith ($10) RB---- DeAngelo Williams ($4.75) RB Chris Johnson ($10)“Beanie” Wells ($1.1575 OT-- Jordan Gross ($8.7) OT Doug Free ($7) DB--- Chris Gamble ($7.9)DB Terrell Thomas ($750k + $6 option + $1.5 roster)DB Antrel Rolle ($7 + $250k workout)DB Corey Webster ($7 million)DB Michael Huff ($8)DB Nnamdi Asomugha ($15, $4m guarnte)DB Carlos Rogers ($5.5 + $250k bonus + $100k workout)DB DeAngelo Hall ($7.5)DB Josh Wilson ($3.9)DB Roman Harper ($5.25)DB Jason Allen ($4.1?)DB Kerry Rhodes ($4.5, voidable)DB Dunta Robinson ($8, $3 guar.) LB--- D.J. Williams ($6)LB A.J. Hawk ($4.9 + $300k roster bonus)LB Curtis Lofton ($1.1 + $5m roster bonus, base guar.)johnathon vilma (6mil)LB Thomas Davis ($4.25 + $500k option)LB Jon Beason($5.25) TE Jermichael Finley ($4.45 + $3.5m roster bonus) OG Chris Snee ($6.45) WR Sidney Rice ($8.5) Some of these people will obviously not be cut but i think 50% will. So we have 36.5 left to spend lets see who i think we should waste that money on: RB: I think we should sign Peyton hillis at RB he had a bad season with KC and was paid 1 year 3 mil there so i think we can get him for somthing like that: 4yrs 10mil = 2.5 per year------ Or chris ivory for the same price tag. W/R: if you go back to last year VJAX signed a 5 year 55mil deal mainly because he was the best w/r on the market and that market sucked so we shouldnt base it off that. brandon marshal and Andre Johnson average 9mil per year and marcus colsten gets 7per year none of the 4 top w/r on the block deserve it, Bowe and wallace both have attitude problems but its extremly unlikely that they will be franchised becuase the tender on wallace last year and bowe had the tag the year before, and green bay already announced jennings is unlikly to be brought back, but cruz is likely to get tagged.So this leaves us with 3, and my judgment says mike wallace the 26 year old should get 6 years 42 mil = 7per year OT- this depends on what happens with the panthers id love jordan gross for maybe 2yrs 8mil but they have to cut him for that but hes 33 years old and cost a lot so its possible, otherwise jason smith as a back up plan at RT for 1yr 1.5mil. OG- face it buffalos ethir gonna franchise byrd or Adam, its gonna be to hard to tell so id say Louis Vasquez from SD he gets injured often so he shuldnt cost a pretty penny im thinking 5 years 18 mil= 3.6 per year..... and if he doesnt work out Brandon Moore who will be 33 by next season and he makes 2.7 mil now and hes getting older so its less. so im thinkin 2yrs-5mil= 2.5mil a year LB-- Paul Kruger Connor Barwin i want them both. Paul Kruger gets 6yrs- 27.5 mil = 4.5mil LB2- Connor Barwin hes very good so ill see 7yrs 35mil= 5mil, this seems a little low for an average salary for these two but think of this lance briggs makes a lil over 5 mil per year, while shaun phillips averages 4.40 a year these are two huge names LB's and james harrison only makes 6.7 mil and he was a top LB CBs--- one guy and he'll be cheap Rashean Mathis 1 year 2 mil should do it, or Sam Shields and id give him the same deal as jarraurd powers, 15mil-4 years- 3.75 or we can afford both, rashean is all we need to be a playoff team or vonte, shields, powers and butler are a very good 4 cbs S--- reading much about the market value of safteys this season its pretty low because of the many on the market this year and an example of a good saftey Thomas DeCoud, FS, Falcons 5 years, $17.5 ---- thts what he was paid last year, and mock drafts have us getting a saftey in the first round so how about we get patrick chung whos equivalant to thomas and just as young for roughly the same price 5yrs 18mil = 3.6 per year AND if we got pat chung. we can cut tom zib which frees more money$$ after all my blabing the high smount is 34mil added up from all these aquisitions making us still have 2.5 left plus whatever the cap growth is this year the only postion i wasnt able to address was DL but we should be able to do that in the draft i mean if we want we can probably afford Corey Williams to a small deal and draft a great End in the 1st. But what do you guys like about my offseason predictions it took mad long lol.
  11. i get it a lot better now, so its almost like a franchise tag hes there for 1 more year
  12. thank you this helps my understanding of a tender a bit, so next season if nobody offers him anything hes still a steeler even tho his contract expired? how much would he make tht year?
  13. But does it ever expire???? what happens when every team uses their 1st rounder in april, what happens to the tender on wallace is it lifted nd hes able to sign anywhere without the steelers getting anything?
  14. me2 but i still dont get this tender thing, idk when it expires
  15. I dont get it? so if say the draft is over, say like may 5th whos team is he on? is he still under contract with the steelers even tho its expired? when will he be a just a regular f/a
  16. when is a tender up tho?? like after the draft when our 1st is gone can we sign him then
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