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  1. Hopefully with Art Jones in the fold for this go around vs NE, things will be different.
  2. So ironic that an Oregon fan is calling another team overrated, a team that's actually won something. But hey, Oregon can keep holding the title of "Best Team after 1st Month" every year, but that doesn't win you trophies.
  3. I've always thought Grigson's best move was finding Freeman from wherever it was he found him. The dude is a difference maker.
  4. I personally thought Carey was wrong...and nuts. Of course, I also thought that when he was an official, especially during Colts games he did....
  5. Overhyped? He was a 4th round pick. I'd say for a 4th round pick essentially in his first year of play, he did pretty well and has a chance to improve more moving forward. Sure any NT could have had that production, but I doubt for that cheap and for being that young.
  6. I'm sure any realistic Denver fans wouldn't feel comfortable with Peyton in a cold, bad weather, windy playoff game. Very few people here would/did.
  7. For the most part, Jacksonville has only been able to be competitive when they play bad teams.
  8. And our run defense would have been worse.....
  9. Really? Most players show improvement over the offseason when they actually have time to work out with the team and workout on their own. Also it gives them time to learn every wrinkle of the offense without having to worry about preparing for a game. Having a guy try to learn the game plan while still learning the offense usually isn't the most ideal situation....
  10. We must have been watching different games. Because from what I saw, it consistently took 3 guys to bring down Richardson.
  11. Its a huge momentum game. Even with all the talk of the Colts not being very good the last half of the year, we still have a chance to finish the season 6-3 after our "peak" Denver game. It would be important for this team to win 3 in a row to end the year going into the postseason after encountering a major rough patch the last half of the season. Momentum is everything and if you look at all the playoff teams, we have a chance to be playing well going into the playoffs with a win next week, while everyone else is sputtering a bit. Not to mention we will get some guys healthy, although they p
  12. I don't know. The O-Line has been better the last 2 weeks against good D-Lines and Nixon played in both.....
  13. They need to credit Mathis with a fumble there....
  14. Similar field position to where KC started their only scoring drive...
  15. Nice to see another 'Noles fan! And yeah we will!
  16. Again we are getting about as healthy as we will get. Still missing a couple of pieces that we will get back. This game is reminding me a lot of San Fran earlier in the year.
  17. Potentially, but at least KC didn't score. That would have been awful and potentially a big swing. No guarantee the Colts get points, but KC missing establishes a little justice.
  18. This just shows how much improved the Colts defense is when they have a decent corner opposite Vontae. Whether it be Gordy or Toler, the last 2 weeks have been much different.
  19. Richardson does well as a receiver because he does have speed and he is tough to bring down in the open field. Pretty much when he catches the ball, he looks like he would if he didn't have to dodge 4 guys in the backfield.
  20. This is a completely inaccurate statement. It became 21-14 after our 2nd TD and that was still in the 3rd Q. Definitely not garbage time then. And then Brazill's 2nd TD only put us down 14 with 9 mins left. Then the Colts got the ball back right after that with a chance to cut it to 1 score, which has been a comeback Luck has accomplished many times. 21 of the 28 points were definitely not garbage points.
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