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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe tickets on StubHub are being resold. They've already been sold as far as the team is concerned. I don't think they count in the blackout equation.
  2. Apparently you guys missed this earlier. It will be blacked out in Fort Wayne if it's not a sellout. Dean Pantazi ‏@DeanPantaziINC2hNBC affiliate relations tells WISE TV Colts-Kansas City game Saturday will be blacked out in Fort Wayne without a sellout
  3. Lets go Colts! Take care of business tonight!
  4. It's been a looooooong day waiting for this game. Let's go Colts!
  5. From what I understand, if the season ended today we'd travel to Denver for the wild card game. If we beat Denver and move on, what are the chances we could have a division or championship game at home?
  6. Has anyone heard about this? They make it sound like a whole new app, but it looks like the same old Colts app with some cool new features if you're at LOS. Free Colts App to Debut for Minneota Game
  7. Glad I bought season tickets now. Anyone know what the radius of the blackout is? Just wondering if it would affect the games being broadcast in, say, Fort Wayne.
  8. Section 609, baby. Any other new season ticket holders from the open house today?
  9. His jersey's already on the market. Just go to nfl.com and make it.
  10. Here's the official word from the Colts on the Lucas Oil Stadium Open House, Mini-Camp Practice and Select-a-seat promotion from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13th
  11. I had already resigned myself to never wearing any of my Reggie jerseys again . . . and now this. Awesome news. I guess the Colts' carrier pigeon finally found him.
  12. Way too small to tell from my phone. I'll have to check it later from the PC. And why can't people rotate their phones when they shoot a video?
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