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    <p>CTO - Colts Twitter Officer. Colts season ticket holder Section 144 - serious NFL fan - will post and follow gameday updates, thoughts, rants. </p>

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  1. turns out this 360 photo was Peyton's last game as a Colt http://stadiums.in3sixty.com/gigapixel/nfl/colts/080111/#

    1. shakedownstreet
    2. southwest1


      Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Eye in the Sky." A bird's eye view perspective...Sweet ride man!!! Thank you.

  2. Peyton is a class act ... want to b there when he goes into Colts ring of honor and HOF #indycolts

  3. good luck #18 and thx ... will be strange, but go #colts !

  4. should be an interesting week in Coltsland ... that duke video could be last of Peyton in Colts uni

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