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  1. As far as being built to win now or for the next QB, I think this team has the best of both worlds. There is a lot of young talent on this team that won't reach their prime until after Rivers is gone. At the same time, this team is talented enough to make the playoffs and once they get there anything could happen. Outside of Kansas City, the AFC is wide open now.
  2. If you look around the league, tandem starting running backs are a thing and the only real way to have a successful running game every week throughout the season. Also while Mack has been carrying the workload, it's also taken a toll on his body. This could help keep him healthy while also being insurance for when he does get injured.
  3. Agree with all of this and it's pretty much what I came into this thread to say. Eason is very green and probably won't be ready to play in his first season. Sitting on the bench, learning the playbook and watching Rivers play, while picking his mind would do him the most good. In this era, we see a lot of rookies just go into the league ready to start, but I don't see this being the case for Eason, if anything it could stunt his growth and create bad habits. Brissett is ready to go and a strong insurance plan as a backup for an aging Rivers. Don't need any pressure to start E
  4. The Colts started the season 1-5, the Chiefs went 5-1 in the same period. The reason the Colts are a wild card team is because they started the season very slow, mainly due to Luck sitting out an entire season, several key injuries, new players and a completely new coaching staff/system. Obviously the Colts got white hot since then and went 10-1. The Chiefs went the opposite direction, they started off on fire, but in their last six games they have gone 3-3(granted all three losses were to playoff teams). Right now, the Chiefs are a beatable team. I can understand
  5. I don't think it's unfair at all to compare him to Moss and TO. He is doing the exact same thing they did, throwing his teammates under the bus to the media. Unlike TO, who had Romo and McNabb, who were good QBs, Eli has declined terribly, but it's not professional. If anything, Beckham might be lucky, because his attitude problems are being overshadowed by the dumpster fire of a team he plays for. What happens when Luck doesn't throw to him when he's open and the Colts lose. Luck is a nice guy, he will take the heat, but stuff like that divides the locker room. As far as Jo
  6. No one doubts OBJ's talent, his first three seasons were special, but what has done since then? He's been a problem. This team isn't one player away from the Super Bowl, if it was, maybe you consider it. But this team is going to have it's ups and downs until the talent is filled out and when it has it's downs, a player like OBJ will try to bring it further down. We have seen players like OBJ in the past, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Chad Johnson. All very successful early on, but poor diva like attitudes overtook them. Moss got his head on straight when he joined the Pats
  7. Bill Polian was a great GM, but his son was terrible. As far as his opinion on the current Colts, he isn't far off. It is nice to see coaching that can get the most out of the players and not vice versa, the future is bright for this team.
  8. If Chubb is available, no, just because there is a big drop off in quality of pass rushers from him and despite the terrible offensive line, this is our biggest need. If not, sure, might even have a shot at Nelson at 12 if some of the projections are correct.
  9. I hope they can still get Chubb at 6, this team needs a pass rusher in the worst way. If Chubb and Nelson are gone at 6, that means there is a QB available and I would be more than fine with trading down again for more picks.
  10. Fisher was a great coach, he is not anymore. The game has passed him by and the turnaround after he left the Rams made that very apparent. That is the problem with retread coaches, especially ones that have left the game for a period of time. It's constantly evolving and it's almost as much of a risk as a first time head coach because of that. Of that list, the only I would be happy with is Del Rio as a DC, since he is actually very good at that job.
  11. As much as I would love to get Harbaugh, this is the truth, he's not leaving Michigan anytime soon. IMO, he's a very good coach and I would love to have him, but it's getting old and it's time to let the Harbaugh talk die.
  12. I agree and I certainly don't the retread coach hires, because most left for a reason. Just saying, not a sure thing, but to me he seems like the best candidate being interviewed of the three.
  13. Honestly, this is one of our better options Reich is at least worth an interview. Certainly a little risky though, since he has never been a head coach.
  14. Great post, really sums my feelings up on the situation as well. I was also on board with rebuilding the relationship with the Pats, and the Colts really learned who they are. Although I am surprised the Colts would announce McDaniels before there was a pen to paper, IMO that was a mistake. At the end of the day, the Colts are better off without him as he clearly had no loyalty. This will also hurt him in the end, unless he expects to coach for the Patriots for the rest of his life, which is incredibly rare in this sport. Now the Colts just need to
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