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  1. which is why i am saying the ravens to go at most 8-8 this season lol. when you start losing high end players and you sign a good QB to a over rated salary you end up cap strapped and cant sign your other good players.
  2. so if flacco is elite then trent dilfer is elite ;)
  3. skip is clueless about sports hes just there to create havoc. for me we have yet to see how luck responds to pressure in the playoffs so that is an unknown for right now. peytons percentage has always been a big drop during the playoffs
  4. ND is unbeaten and bama sorry has one loss meaning every team put in front of them they couldnt get that one win. while ND has beaten EVERYONE put in front of them. so when the fighting irish wins the championship first time in a very long time the title will come back to this historic franchise
  5. i am myself very happy. i said it before preseason that i expect this team to suprise most by winning ten games. but no one believed me. i went and read what your fellow patriot fans said about luck and i agree with them. i think luck is a combination of peyton and big ben with the exception of just their good points being rolled into one man. he has the smarts nad desires of peyton to read defenses and get the ball where he wants but he also has the will and desire to take the team on his back for a game winning drive in teh final seconds of a game if it is close. if the colts with luck gets
  6. if the colts beat houston both times i see the colts winning the division. i doubt the texans are gonna beat the pats. the only team i think could beat the pats is baltimore. if we end up the 5th seed and everyone where they already are i can see us in the superbowl possibly. and before you say oh your crazy!!! i predicted at the beginning of the preseason the colts going 10-6 and no one believed me. now look where we are at two losses away from my prediction. but if we win out then no one will see 13-3 coming which would beat our comeback record with manning and with a rookie no doubt. could
  7. i agree it was a easy one but then again he does miss the easy ones every now and then. its the game winners where he shines.
  8. yes true peyton did do that but then again the following year the defense did the opposite it showed up during teh season and then dissapeared in teh playoffs. brady won not only cause of defense but also spygate ;) oh wait i cant say that better burn teh evidence goddell
  9. Week 1 -- @ Bears L Week 2 -- Vikings W Week 3 -- Jaguars W Week 4 -- BYE Week 5 -- Packers L Week 6 -- @ Jets L Week 7 -- Browns W Week 8 -- @ Titans W Week 9 -- Dolphins W Week 10 -- @ Jags W Week 11 -- @ Pats fluke W lol i cant bring myself to put a L here Week 12 -- Bills W Week 13 -- @ Lions L Week 14 -- Titans W Week 15 -- @ Texans L Week 16 -- @ Chiefs L Week 17 -- Texans W i get 10-6 jsut like i predicted after teh draft hehe ;)
  10. minus maybe a drop or two or three but overall a decent outing just need to control the penalties well you know lol the turnovers lol.
  11. who knows what might happen to me it just seems earily similar to what happends between manning and leaf. now its just luck and rg3. i think luck will in fact be a great qb. how great we will have to wait and find out. but i think rg3 is way too much like mike vick and anyone notice that vick lost today? and vick really isnt the superman type player they thought he was going to be so many years ago? yeah i said it.
  12. i think luck honestly did better then peytons 1st rookie game. and im sorry but replacement refs hurt us on more then one occasion this game. that 1st interception should not have been one. i mean the bears player was in our oline and got away with it. righ tthere was 3 points then i didnt get to see the 2nd INT but usually reggie wont complain about an INT but he did cause well if he was pushed he was pushed. cant remember if that was the result of a TD or field goal either way if it was a TD that is ten points and were only down ten at the end. you look at how the D played and if it is true
  13. aromashodu is the only one im afraid of and that isnt saying much trust me. outside of harvin the only thing the colts D should be worried about is AD if we can contain him then we can win this game. same thing as with jacksonville. contain MJD adn we can win that game as well.
  14. well i think alot make the mistake of comparing luck today to how manning performed today. to get any type of a more true measurment you gotta take lucks first outing and compare it to mannings and if you do same type opponent good D decent O. luck actually did about the same as what manning did in his first outing. now the question is manning's second game was against a patriots team that had a good D and the offense was ok (bledsoe was still starting qb). luck will be going against the vikes good D and the vikes ok offense. so i think the rookie years will be pretty similar unless luck comes
  15. who says it was the offense? the defense made tom brady who he is. notice tom brady hasnt won a superbowl without a defense? much less a bad defense? peyton has did that. brady has had branch for years and to say he wasnt nothing he had numbers in seattle but if you dont have an average qb you cant get the numbers you once had. seattle for years had horrible qb's. welker wasnt utilized in miami what so ever. if you gameplan around a slot reciever that you can dump off to yeah your gonna look great. it doesnt take a great qb to do what tom brady does. look at what matt cassell did the year bra
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