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  1. I appreciate the feedback, by the way had a wonderful time in Superbowl Village but it was like a 7 hour photo shoot with everyone there. As I said before I think Peytons health is first but I also noticed a lot of empty seats in the stadium last year. I may be a little biased because my mother was an avid colts fan and she loved Peyton and I lost my mother on October 31, 2011.Aaron Rogers was willing to sit behind one of the greats and learn from him and he has a superbowl ring and a MVP.If Andrew Luck is willing to sit behind Manning and learn it may be great for our beloved colts.
  2. This is me and my friends at Super Bowl Village on January 31, 2012. Now I wonder how other Colt's fans feel about this whole Peyton Manning saga. Would they be happy to see Peyton Manning wearing a uniform of a differemt team? Should he retire or try playing again if the doctors clear him to play? No disrespect to Andrew Luck but I don't want to see Peyton on another team kicking our butts when he plays us. I also want peyton's health to be first and foremost. Please give me your thoughts and feelings on this matter.
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