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  1. Matt Ryan threw another pass play, this one to Tony Gonzales, and Falcons lead 28-7.
  2. Dolphins are now leading 28-3 over the Chiefs. Looks like the Colts be the only winless team in the NFL after both games,
  3. Finally, a break fo the Colts! Powers with the takeaway, and he scores! But we're on the game - 21-7, and GO COLTS!!!!
  4. 80 yard pass play from Ryan to Jones! Colts defense should avoid being killed by the long ball!!'
  5. Another pass play Matt Ryan to Julio Jones, and Atlanta is up 21-0. Game over.
  6. Ryan to Jones 50 yard TD reception for the Falcons, who now lead 14-0,
  7. Well, Falcons scored the first points thanks for that turnover. TD Micheal Turner, and Falcons lead 7-0.
  8. Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts begin their second half of their 2011 NFL Season, and will also try to pull the upset in front of their fans as they host the visiting Atlanta Falcons in an interconference game at LOS. Colts defeated the Falcons 31-13 at the Georgia Dome almost four years ago back onSunday Night, November 22, 2007. Ron Pitts and Jim Mora, Jr. will announce the live TV game commentary for the NFL On FOX, including WXIN FOX 59 in Indianapolis. Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK Country 98.1FM will also announce the live radio game coverage with Bob Lamey and Wil Wolford, along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee, and the Colts Radio Network. I wish no injuries to the Colts players, and stay resilient as you try to win your first regular season game in 2011! GO COLTS!!!!! Colts Vs. Falcons Game Day Preview Including Injury Report: http://www.colts.com.../2011/regular9/ http://www.colts.com...10-c7f500698ad6 Colts Vs. Falcons NFL Gamecenter: http://www.nfl.com/g...nfo&tab=preview NFL On FOX TV Distribution Map - Early Doubleheader Games - Colts Vs. Falcons In Blue: http://www.the506.com/temp11.html
  9. Ron Pitts and Jim Mora, Jr. will announce the Colts home game with the Atlanta Falcons for the NFL On FOX this Sunday afternoon at LOS, including WXIN FOX 59 in Indianapolis on HD. WXIN will also televise the New York Giants @ New England primary game, and the Cincinnati @ Tennessee singleheader late game in WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis on HD. http://www.the506.com/temp11.html
  10. If the game is played at Indianapolis, Colts should win. If the game is played at Miami. Dolphins should win. JMHO. Too bad both teams are not scheduled to play each other this season in the 'Stupor Bowl.'
  11. Looks like the Colts will finish 0-8 today. We trail 27-10. Sad.
  12. Colts are finally on the board, but trail 20-3.
  13. One of the lowest plays of the season! Titans scored on a blocked punt in the end zone, and lead 10-3!!!
  14. Hi, Indianapolis Colts Nation! Our Colts will try to win their first game in Week 8, as they are in Nashville to play the 3-3 Tennessee Titans in an AFC South Divisional battle. Colts unfotunately must move on as their talented and popular quarterback, Peyton Manning, is out for the season following his neck surgery. Colts will also try to win today with a rebuilding Titans team no longer without former Coach Jeff Fisher, and Vince Young. Kickoff from LP Field will be by 1:05PM, Eastern Standard Time. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcotts will announce the Colts/Titans game for the NFL On CBS, seen regionally in the Midwest, and in Twin Falls, Idaho, including WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis on HD. Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and Wil Wolford will announce the live radio game commentary with sideline reporter Kevin Lee on flagship stations WFNI ESPN Radio 1070AM, WHNK Country 98.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network. I wish no injuries as you end your seven game losing streak. Play hard and safely on the field, and GO COLTS!!!!! Colts @ Titans Preview Including Injury Report: http://www.colts.com/team/game/2011/regular8 http://www.colts.com/news-and-events/article-1/COLTS-TITANS-PREVIEW/6bd6deac-662b-4b36-bd01-157f220f5fd1 Colts @ Titans NFL Gamecenter: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2011103002/2011/REG8/colts@titans#menu=gameinfo&tab=preview Colts @ Titans NFL On CBS TV Early Games Distribution Map In Green: http://www.the506.com/temp11.html
  15. Colts road game in Nashville with the Titans will be announced by Kevin Harlan and. Solomon Wilcotts for the NFL On CBS, including WISH CBS 8 on Indianapolis on HD. http://www.the506.com/temp11.html
  16. Hi, everyone! Our Indianapolis Colts will play their third nationally televised game of the season as they travel down south to play the New Orleans Saints for NBC's Sunday Night Football. WTHR NBC 13 in Indianapolis will televise the game live on HD beginning with Football Night in America at 7:30 Eastern Standard Time, followed by gametime and the kickoff from the Mercedes Benz Superdome at 8:20PM EST. Bob Lamey, Wil Wolford, and sideline reporter Kevin Lee will also announce the live radio coverage simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN Sportsradio 1070AM and WHNK 98.1FM, and the Colts Radio Newwork. Tonight is also another opportunity provided by NBC for our Colts fans around the world to watch live streaming of tonight's Colts @ Saints matchup through live internet network streaming from their Sunday Night Football access website, and with additional camera angles from the stadium of the game coverage. I wish the Colts no injuries as you are determined to play hard and win your first game of the the 2011 NFL season, and GO COLTS!!!!! Colts @ Saints Game Preview Including Injury Report: http://www.colts.com...e/2011/regular7 http://www.colts.com...ef-e1dfbea8e00a Colts @ Saints NFL Gamecenter: http://www.nfl.com/g...w@menu=gameinfo Colts @ Saints NBC's Sunday Night Football Live Internet Streaming - Beginning After 8:00 EST: http://snfallaccess.nbcsports.com/
  17. AV missed the 52-yd FG which would have tied this game for the Colts!
  18. Colts and Bengals Player Injury Reports: http://www.colts.com/team/injury-report.html http://www.bengals.com/team/injury-report.html
  19. Greetings fellow Indianapolis Colts fans! Our Colts travel down Interstate 74 and are in Cincinnati as they play the 3-2 and improved Bengals. Kickoff at Paul Brown Stadium is scheduled right after 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time. Colts will continue to resiliant as they try to upset the Bengals to perhaps finally earn their first win this season, and perhaps inspiration by Peyton Manning's presence, whether he is at the press box or on the sidelines. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcotts will announce the Colts/Bengals game for the NFL On CBS, but only six CBS affiliates will televise the game regionally, including WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis On HD. Colts/Bengals game is also blacked out in Cincinati. Bob Lamey, Wil Wolford, and sideline reporter Kevin Lee will also provide live radio game coverage simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WHNK Country 98.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network. I also wish no injuries to the players on the field, and see both players and fans happy winning your first game of the 2011 season! GO COLTS!!!!! Colts @ Bengals Game Preview: http://www.colts.com/news-and-events/article-1/COLTS-BENGALS-PREVIEW/2aeda73d-7ad4-488a-a16b-e825125a52b1 Colts @ Bengals NFL Gamecenter: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2011101601/2011/REG6/colts@bengals#menu=gameinfo&tab=preview Colts @ Bengals NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map (In Orange): http://www.the506.com/temp11.html
  20. I can't believe this. Colts scored the first 17 points, but the Chiefs scored the last 21 points of the game to win 38-24. At this pace the rest of season, the Colts will earn themselves the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, I really don't think they will finish 0-16, as in the 2009 Detroit Lions.
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