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  1. I thought he should have been using our timeouts in case they did score. Pagan drives me nuts!!
  2. You people claiming it was the defense and not clock management that lost the game obviously hadn't watched our D play. Which my makes my point about clock management that much more valid!! Our defense had been playing poorly, so leave the least amount of time on the clock as you can. Luck should have known that too when he hiked the ball with 38 seconds but calling a timeout with a 1:15 to go and not letting the clock run any is beside me. Ohh and the kickoff is another story within itself!! I've never seen a guy who is so bad about managing the clock!!
  3. I just posted the same thing and was telling my wife the same thing about the kickoff. Hell I thought we should have at least kicked it straight up in the air and have them fair catch or try and make a play. I still don't understand why he called that TO so soon!! Hell Detroit might have called one but why in the hell would we want to help them out and call one so quick??!!
  4. Our coaches blew this one!!! When we had the ball on our last drive they should have told Luck not to hike until there was 20 seconds left on the touchdown to Jack. Hell we called a timeout with 1:15 left for some reason instead of letting the clock run and then calling a timeout. These coaches make too much money for this nonsense to happen. Besides that I'm pleased with the way we played in the second half considering all of the injuries we have.
  5. I don't understand why they won't try him at guard where he doesn't have to think as much. The guy has all the physical tools but seems his brain gets in the way too often.
  6. Somebody needs to tell the * it's Ok to throw screens!! Anything to slow the pass rush down. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Hell I'd be ok with everyone blocking and running two man routes. This is hard to watch!!
  7. As a guy who played sports my whole life and was a 2 sport athlete in college. I felt like I learned the most from "being thrown to the wolves". Sure I made mistakes but I learned from those mistakes and was a better player at the end of those seasons. I feel Dorsett is ready to contribute and will be a much better player hopefully come playoff time. Let's see what this young man can do because Andre hasnt shown me much of anything.
  8. Will someone please tell me why he (Pep) continues to beat a dead horse!?? Why doesn't he move the pocket, have Andrew roll out, screens of any kind, and so on?? We have one of the most athletic qbs in the league and he continues to let him get killed!! If you know our O line isn't top tier then do things to help him out!! I have been a Colts fan for 20 yrs now and these past two games is some of the worst play calling I have seen. There is no in game adjustments. This falls on Pagano also, he has to tell Pep to try something different because obviously this nonsense isn't working. This is getting real hard to watch!!
  9. I too scratched my head at the pick, but I think ppl are gonna have a change of heart when teams have a hard time stopping our offense. I thought we did a great job addressing other needs on the defensive side. People need to relax and wait til the end of the season before bashing Grigson. I have a feeling we're going to be OK. GO COLTS!!
  10. I've always compared Luck to the "gunslinger" Favre. Which to me isn't a bad thing. He just has confidence to make every throw fit. Sure some of the throws are bad decisions and should be thrown away, but I don't mind the confidence he has in his arm and giving the receivers a shot. I know I wouldn't want to have another QB on our team.
  11. I'm hoping any one of our DT's can get in the backfield and cause some havoc!!
  12. I'd say leave this one alone. In the NFL today I wouldn't take a running back until the 5th or 6th rounds. I'd upgrade our O-line similar to what Dallas has done and go from there and for GODS sake get Shipley back in the game somewhere.
  13. Really?? Then what kind of running back is he? I'd really like to hear your take on what kind of back he is.
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