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  1. Why does every football coach tell their players say stay sharp & alert for 60 minutes when every NFL game lasts 3 hours or 180 minutes?

    1. MIColtsFan


      It is surprising how fast a dvr'd game can be watched... :)

    2. southwest1


      I have a DVR too MCF & you are 100% correct. It is nice to fast forward through commercials, but there is always the danger of seeing & hearing the final score on TV as you go to the recorded file & hit play...Not to mention hearing the final score on the radio too. The more you try to avoid something; the more that information literally seeks you out IMO.

    3. BrentMc11


      I would use my dvr if I ever got a Colts game....Just say NO to the Bengals in Indiana!!!

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  2. I agree 100% HCF chemistry, cohesiveness, & a few new defensive blitz packages do seem to be long overdue IMO.
  3. southwest1

    Let The party begin

    1 step closer to laughter, refreshments, & carefree memories for all CM51...Nice work buddy!!! Take a bow, you have earned it.
  4. southwest1

    Finally full

    Splash! Spring & Summer family fun awaits...
  5. southwest1

    just Add water

    Everybody is waiting to take the "BIG Plunge!!!"
  6. Thank you for the pictures of the step by step process CM51. Sometimes, mother nature doesn't always cooperate with our plans via rain now does it?
  7. southwest1

    colts Van

    Nice road trip Colts game day recreational vehicle there CM51!!! A minicamp Colts fan support system on wheels...A sweet ride indeed my friend!!!
  8. southwest1

    bottom painted

    The Horseshoe masterpiece is still a work in progress here buddy!!!
  9. southwest1

    Shallow End done

    Jim Irsay would be so proud of you CM51. Nice work!!!
  10. Yesterday former Speaker of the House "Suspended" his Presidential Campaign, why can't people just say I quit? AKA Political Gamesmanship on Overdrive IMO...

    1. southwest1


      I applaud you Brent. It is hard to stay positive & motivated in the face of a glaring string of brutal defeats. The key is not to turn on 1 another & believe in your team mates through thick & thin. Yes, you are correct. To some, defeat is unacceptable at any & all costs. Fame, fortune, & the limelight never leads to happiness anyway IMO.

    2. MIColtsFan


      "suspend campaign".... another one of those convoluted "pc" word/terms to avoid saying anything real with finality... oi vey!

    3. southwest1


      "oi vey!" is exactly right MCF. How can we expect children to grow & become responsible adults when politicians act like spoiled children & brats?

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  11. Do the words good cheer & relentless intimidation go together? Because the Blue Horseshoe is coming to town & nobody, especially an opponent, likes a lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas right? Dallas Clark was a very good TE & I wish him well in his future business endeavors whatever they might actually be.
  12. I agree HCF. Our 2012 draft seems offensive heavy & defensive light. Next year's draft must focus on our secondary IMO. Let's see what our squad looks like in preseason & hope that the success there translates into regular season good fortune too. "A decent CB is still a need at the team." Well said HCF, well said. Has the season started yet?...
  13. Good analysis here. I, too, was troubled by our squad lack of defensive draft picks particularly in the secondary, but there is always next year's draft of course.
  14. "Into everyone's life a little rain must fall," but no one deserves to be deprived of competing in a Special Olympics event especially when they train for it all year long. Pizza is a small consolation prize from my perspective. The story is optimistic & touching no doubt, but failing to reschedule this event is highly inappropriate in my book. To a lot of these kids, this event is their athletic version of Christmas designed to showcase their unique & hard earned talents. As a person born with a physical disability myself, the hosts of this event must allow all athletes to shine & show their talents on a different day. Despite the logistical glitches here, every effort must be made to permit these athletes to put their talents on full display for everyone to see, hear, & feel. No, I never competed in similar events myself & I never had any desire to do so, but for many of these athletes this event is a form of expression, joy, & independence that symbolizes a right of adult maturity & a rite of passage that several disabled children seldom if ever get to experience personally. I know this for a fact. Nice blog Gramz. You have a compassionate heart & I love you for that. Thank you. The concerns of the disabled community are vital to me & I will fight for autonomy for my disabled brothers & sisters until my dying breath.
  15. Why is everything made for right handed people? Why can't left handed South Paws get some love, respect, & consideration?

    1. alawai


      What's for dinner? No LEFTovers!

    2. Gramz


      I feel your pain. So much that so many of us take for granted....

    3. BrentMc11


      BTW...don't feel bad...my right hand 'don't' know what my left hand is doing anyway!!!

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  16. Anything is a vast improvement over Irsay's "And Um's" IMO. Grigson knows what he wants tough guys with a tremendous work ethic that love the game plain & simple.
  17. HCF, I like what you said regarding Jim Caldwell, good QB coach & a lousy head coach. I wouldn't be too quick to believe the press & praise on Andrew Luck either. Now, I'm not saying the kid isn't talented. Heck, his dad played backup QB for the Houston Oilers. Luck understands the ebbs & flows of a season & the significance of locker room chemistry. Just be realistic about his rookie season Colts fans. I see us at 6-10 or 7-9 at best. Within 3 years, we will be in the Playoffs hunt again. It takes time to get the right pieces in place. Are we "Under Pressure" as you suggest? No, not really right now we are attempting to lay down the running & defensive toughness mindset for the next decade. Another well written blog HCF...Keep it up my friend!!!
  18. Another nice blog HCF. Yes, toughness has now returned to my beloved Colts once again with the hiring of Coach Pagano & his coaching staff. A stout defense, a reliable running game, & special teams play that can actually provide good to excellent field position...imagine that? Amazing!!! The sleeping giant has now awoken & she is famished...Time to eat..."Simple Me Complicated You." What's on the menu tonight D? Opposing QB boys...I love an all you can buffet myself. [insert Vincent Price diabolical cackle here.]
  19. southwest1

    Something new

    Nick sounds like a good man subvet. Any man that asks the bride's father for permission to marry his daughter is a person of significant honor & integrity in my book. I wish Nick & Jackie many happy years of marital bliss together. Thanks for sharing such a life changing moment & congratulations to you & your family subvet!!!
  20. Another good blog HCF!!! Perhaps, once you retire, you can become a freelance writer/blogger in your spare time. Draft predictions always crack me up. Unless you have a family member that either was or is in the NFL, "potential" isn't synonymous with "guarantee." Yes, you are correct HCF; we are very fortunate as an organization to land 2 high caliber QB's back to back 14 years apart i.e. Manning & Luck. If both QBs had to decided to leave college early & enter the draft, Manning might be a NY Jet. Glad to see Brent has returned as well.
  21. We all need to release pressure valves & the rigors of our work week. Never be ashamed to blare some quality metal subvet!!! Your A okay in my book pal. Keep rockin' subvet!!! The louder the better I always say...
  22. HCF, thank you for sharing information about your career, personal life, admiration for Colts football, & your native country of Hungary. Maybe we could see a beautiful wedding picture of you & Alexandra someday. I would really enjoy seeing that eventually when the time right for both of you. Your English is very good HCF & I am very proud of you. Learning another language is a monumental undertaking. I enjoy learning about different customs & cultures very much. I am really glad we are friends & I look forward to reading more interesting blogs & other posts from you my friend!!!
  23. Some fans approach blogs & forum posts from a statistical perspective. Me, I'm more of a front office chemistry guy myself. Drew Brees is your shining beacon of hope. When Hurricane Katrina broke the leeves in New Orleans & your city was brought to it's collective knees, who gave the people of the French Quarter & her surrounding areas something to cheer about? Drew Brees. When the Saints beat my beloved Colts in the 2009 Superbowl, who was a key advocate for creating a lottery system in which tickets were sold & donated to Katrina victims courtesy of a 2nd Superbowl Ring that a person could actually win & feel part of the Lombardi magic by owning their own NFL piece of history? Drew Brees. Who will put the burden of the bounty scandal squarely on his shoulders & remind the rest of the NFL that even the fallen are worthy of redemption? Drew Brees. Pay the man now!!! $19 million sounds about right. The longer management drags these talks out; the more expense it will be for them IMO. Good Job CP11!!! Very well written piece of profession prose here.
  24. Nice job of bringing the fan focus smack dab between our eyes & reminding us all that the blue horseshoe will re-emerge again stronger, faster, bolder, & more fierce than ever before..."‘Simple me, complex you'." Some Fans wanna pray not me...To me, our opponents, our enemies, our adversaries are PREY locked in the talons of a hawk or the thunderous gallop of a team of horses on a mounted cavalry charge leading men into war inside the grid iron battlefield of Lucas Oil Stadium...Bring the pain & drop the intimidation baby...Let's get ready to Rummmmmmbbbbble Baby!!!
  25. Just for giggles what would be the best & or worse voices to add to your GPS for directional assistance while traveling in a car, truck, van, or other vehicle?

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    2. BrentMc11


      Snagglepuss: "Exit stage left." The Drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket. John Candy....."Sorry, Parks closed...I guess the moose out front didn't tell ya.....recalculate."

    3. BrentMc11


      How about Stewie on the Family Guy? "Whea-thuns"

    4. Gramz


      SW1, I would say "mission accomplished" on the Just for Giggles....

      I think we've all had plenty reading the responses. Thanks for the laughs (and giggles)

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