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    TOA 1

    Good name for a Rock-N-Roll Band Lollygager!!! Who do you sound like & which bands were you influenced by? I will have to check you guys out & listen to you jam. Rock the house Lollygager!!!
  2. Audience participation always ROCKS!!!
  3. southwest1

    Addy And Daddy 14

    Aw!!! Miss Pretty In Pink there. Very Nice Indeed!!!
  4. HA! HA! That is simply Priceless!!!
  5. Tom Moore is an offensive guru mastermind IMO. Along with o-line coach Howard Mudd. A great photograph Lollygager!!! And an even better conversation, I'm sure too.
  6. Wow, I feel like I just read a journal for a reporter on the Travel Channel. The trees, the grass, the rolling hills, & the mighty & majestic Colorado River. I was transported from 2012 to the 1920's & back again. No phones, no internet, no modern day technology just rugged individualism, breathtaking scenery, & tranquil sunset backdrops. Our experiences of a simpler less complex time color of memories & remind us all not to be clouded by possessions & materialism. I understand this is only a fraction of your adventure, which is told in crisp & vivid detail documenting the sights, sounds, & smells on your trip. You touched on it, but I wanted to know the fear & exhileration [sic] of the cold water as it splashed in your raft, the thrill of not capsizing the boat, your anxieties of not slamming against the rock formations, & the thrill & adreneline rush of surviving a trip down the Colorado River. Beautifully written piece CP11!!! I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you. Nice work buddy!!!
  7. Does this trick work on misquotes too? Thanks for the useful information CM51.
  8. Dark, ominous, & yet majestically beautiful at the same. Nice photo MCF!!! It reminds me of a National Geographic Cover shot on meteorology.
  9. southwest1

    Mother Goose

    I ask a ton of questions too shecolt. It is a sign of a sharp & inquisitive mind. Quite clever too. I might add. Well done!!!
  10. Wow, I applaud all your diligence & hard work in writing & constructing this post. Nice job!!!
  11. southwest1


    What do ya mean it's not September yet? Come on, I need my NFL Horseshoe Fix already!!! Being patient is so hard. I can't stand it.
  12. Nice synopsis of your Colts minicamp travels & experience overall. I did comment on your pictures as well. Good work CM51!!!
  13. southwest1


    I wonder how much windex it takes to clean & shine all the windows in Lucas Oil Stadium? Gotta avoid streaking on the glass right? Forget the Jerry Jones Billion Dollar Playpen in Dallas. I prefer the Jim Irsay crowned jewel in INDY myself.
  14. southwest1


    Indy fans know what team loyalty truly means & they do indeed ROCK!!!
  15. southwest1


    Blue is a gorgeous color isn't it? I bleed blue & I always will too come rain or come shine.
  16. southwest1


    Schemes, formations, & execution...When it all clicks & comes together, it's a work of art. "Simple Me Complicated You." Blitz baby blitz!!!
  17. southwest1


    I should have placed my banner complement here first. Oh well. To this day, I wish we would have recovered that onside kick from the NO Saints...We could have a 2009 Championship banner up there in the rafters too. Bummer. That's how the cookie crumbles I guess.
  18. Since Andrew Luck studied Architecture in school at Stanford University, he could probably meet with the city commissioner on Tuesday, his day off during the regular season, to discuss ways to improve INDY's intrinsic appeal. HA! HA! Just a thought.
  19. Beautiful shot of the Indianapolis skyline there. So peaceful & surreal IMO. Nice picture CM51. My favorite of this set if you ask me.
  20. I love Jeff Saturday. A man of deep character & profound integrity. I'm no Packers fan, but I will continue to root for your success in Green Bay. #63 is 1 of a kind in my book!!!
  21. southwest1


    Gotta love a ceiling shot of all the division titles & championship banners. Nice!!!
  22. Even fans need to lay the foundation in Lucas Oil Stadium as they Build The Monster piece by piece, brick by brick. Nice work CM51!!!
  23. "Im a Marine i will die a Marine ,tell your freind Semper Fi, and he and all vets of all our armed services will always have my and all of my familys respect,no matter what war,conflict or so on." Amen Jay & thank you for your dedication & service to this glorious country.
  24. First of all MCF, I want to personally thank your father for serving in Vietnam & your brother for serving in Iraq. Your father sounds extremely hardworking, independent, & self reliant. It is easy to see why he is your hero. No doubt those admirable traits he possesses rubbed off on your entire family. I sincerely hope that your dad gets the medical care he & all veterans so richly deserve. The red tape bureaucracy of the federal government is so time consuming & frustrating. Look up a soldier's service record, pinpoint their location & duration of duty, correlate specific regions where Agent Orange was sprayed, & finally pay for all the tests & treatment options this soldier earned & is entitled to. It's really not that difficult to carry out IMO. Second, as you so eloquently stated, these soldiers did their job & they are to be recognized, remembered, & commemorated for their sacrifices; they are NOT chess pieces or political pawns. Please do not say derogatory statements to them ever. Thank you. Anyone who talks during the national anthem or refuses to observe a moment of silence & respect is not truly appreciative of what actual liberty really is... What teacher in their right mind would honestly claim with a straight face that the Black Panthers was a peaceful organization? That is utterly ridiculous. Is this what passes for an education today? I sincerely hope not or this country is deep trouble. Critical thinking skills seem to disappearing these days or not even taught for that matter & I find this trend incredibly disturbing personally. Accurate representations of our nation's periods of national conflicts, movements, & struggle to coexist as a people are essential to keeping our young nation vital & strong.
  25. Keep an eye on Wisconsin Tues. this June 5th, the Badger State will make the National News regarding a landmark recall election...1 way or another the outcome will be unforgettable

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